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  1. Got killed by glitches too? I fell through the floor on insane! difficulty, and then the doom wall appeared right behind me Sometimes this glitch saves you if you can actually fall forward, so skip a lot of the level, in this case I was stuck falling straight. - Dino Run DX
  2. I was looking for gold, and I found word code Have: 2G Red from gold with the code ‘TwiCe’ (Caps messed). FYI it is a Red Incubater egg, with a red father and gold mother. At time of post, basically bred a few minutes ago. Want: Well, I am debating on whether or not to keep. As it is 5 letter I may be after 2G SAs, or cool codes of a similar caliber if you think it reasonable on my end. Rare CBs (or bred if ND or something) will also be considered. I am particularly interested in female golds, male silvers, any staterae
  3. How odd, I thought that it was in the action log? I mean my latest as typical actually killed the egg, but I assume it says repulsed if it was. Cant recall. But its in the action log from what I see.
  4. Encyclopaedia Helpers may also be of good use: To help as well, a Xeno group: https://dragcave.net/group/157318 (^Should be set to public now)
  5. Yes its just incredibly rare, I have seen one in trades. I think its to do with the biome, not the element. So you breed a xeno with a dragon from the Alpine. Alternatively; get one from the market! At 100 shards they are super cheap and you could literally grind 100 today and buy one.
  6. Think I used up all my luck somewhere else, blamed and was ate anyway
  7. I think I used up any resemblance of luck in my first batch 2/10 Adults 0/7 hatchies And I think 6 dodges 😠 Edit: Meant to post them! 2 Headed Wyrm
  8. Oh, ok I guess I didnt recognise them Pretty dragons!
  9. I get the suspicion I have seen one in DR, I could be wrong though A nice new release to be sure!
  10. Thanks for the reminder! I did my best A CB grows today so will breed that as well. And thanks to those who bred some brutes to the AP beforehand, I nabbed a few extras just for this
  11. Ugh the thunders are so gorgeous, favourite of the bunch!!!!! They actually look better in my lines now, a true Zapdos esc dragon! Laculas I can see the need for the update when you compare the two, they still look lovely in lines, the holidays are shinier and some of my lines now pop more. Magis tho make my heart break a tiny bit. It is the uncomfortably small size of the sprite in the lineage box which really bugs me, considering the previous sprite was say taking up 90% of the box, and this one is about 75%. It just looks really… awkward and a bit sad my b
  12. Dropped a 3G Silver x Black Tea just now if anyone wants to look out for it
  13. Have: 3G Silver Shimmer x Wintertide Want: A prize/kin mate for a dragon in this group Note: I will accept unrelated lower gens (either breed). https://dragcave.net/teleport/02664af3c94277925dfebe057ed82de1 Thanks!
  14. I agree that these breeds should be added in; unbreedables like dinos and cheeses are there, and you would think in the lore they would be pretty rare. Zyus can just act like coppers, I suppose they have the same names but coppers do, so. You could just call the sunrise/set egg a ‘sun’ egg like the wiki calls it. Only GONs, NDs and Sinos shouldnt be in the market imo. Probably hybrids/alts too but I can dream
  15. Skulk about the VERY old trades, you can sometimes find low time unwanted/cheap Zyus, Prizes or Avatars. There is one in there right now <2 days ripe for the picking It is still effort, however you have to wait less if you grab a low time eggy. As herduleik says, these are the most reliable for solo runs if you follow the instructions, my first and growing one turned seconds after it hit 1 min left.
  16. Hmm, in terms of making sure people who don’t yet have prizes have a chance, I wonder if there could exist another entry for them, i.e. they enter twice. Or, have some algorithm where the longer you havent won, the higher the chance? Idk how that would work tho. Seeing the CB prize love spread around is very nice! I do feel bad for people who haven’t won yet I would be happy to see them in the market as well, in any case, so I can go for specific ones without feeling guilty (or in most cases click enter by muscle memory and then feel bad), and others can finally get a prize!
  17. Got a market canto from the AP All Cantos I got I (think) were standard pink. Maybe I will breed some, do a BSA, drop and report back...
  18. OMG it worked!!!!!!!! Here he is not gonna wait XD It turned at 1,157 OVs, 138 UV, 2 Clicks. It was a gold western prize, cracked once and insta hatched! Thank you all so much for experimenting and writing up the methods I am shaking all excited
  19. Allure has stopped working for me, anyone else? Nevermind its back up, just in time for my experiment, pfew!
  20. A few recent AP grabs Thanks @Alesita for this 3G Pink x Purple: https://dragcave.net/lineage/Xrb1R He will have a mate, when I stop accidentally autoing things I mean to keep Thanks @lovecats99 for these two 2G Purples: https://dragcave.net/lineage/PyFI7 https://dragcave.net/lineage/sWf97 Thanks anon for this 2G Black x Silver, it is very useful to me! https://dragcave.net/lineage/F7tpL Thanks Fireraptor for this 2G Brute x Umbra, great for the upcoming mass breed, already bred a mate!
  21. I am neutral on this overall. However I do wonder, if your egg slots were full and you were successful, would you not go above the slots? Like you can with hatchies.
  22. Eee finally got an Alt Black from a pacified aegis!!! Finally after 3 years of having This 3G Alt Black x Aegis I have bred him a mate
  23. This does sound good, Id add an ‘are you sure’ button after myself.
  24. So I did an oops and forgot to get the TOD for a sun egg I was playing with. Generally just forgot about it. Im now left at 1hr, so I am just gonna viewbomb and see what happens. I know it probably wont turn because knowing me its got ages to go.