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  1. There are tons of cool and super friendly people in this Discord
  2. I like how theyre remaking a couple, but a new one with the current technology as simplistic as the older ones would be fantastic
  3. sometimes i wish they would go back to the old stuff and stop adding new weird things
  4. Definitely not a bad idea, people can be creative for sure. Would improve lineage possibilites, really cool
  5. I really like the Final Fantasy series and hope to replay some of the older ones, will probably start with X/X-2
  6. Im not sure if im the only one, but i hate despacito
  7. LukaD12


    RIP Chester, so sad
  8. Seems like ravenclaw is the most popular damn. Im a ravenclaw also
  9. Honestly im just gonna wait to see if its any good, it seems like they updated the sun and moon map but it still looks very similar.
  10. I played the drums for a while until school took me over, darn
  11. I used to like the very sarcastic youtubers, right now its just trinimortal and immortalhd lol