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  1. well I was thinking just to view the scrolls and a message could come up like "you see a group of people in the cave with scrolls you look over [certain location] and see the people who are there listed" or something but the hidden scrolls wouldn't be there. Yeah I guess it would be great to have the ability to search scrolls as well, but you could have the option to decide if your scroll would show up or not... But the randomizer by @random scroll from another topic was a good idea too.
  2. Well I was kinda thinking of like a function where you would click and it would bring up all the online users scrolls...
  3. I have noticed that you are not able to search/view other people's scrolls, as it would be nice being able to see others dragons. I am also wondering of it is going to be implemented sometime in the future. It might be on a pc but I usually use mobile so I have no idea...