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  1. Oh my goodness those sprites are gorgeous. I cannot wait.
  2. Got 2 zombies and 3 gone. Not too bad, especially since the two new ones are different types than my others!
  3. Oh my goodness, they are totally Harry Potter themed. A bird like dragon for Ravenclaw, a snake like dragon for Slytherin, a lion like dragon for Griffindor, and a badger like dragon for Hufflepuff! And the colors corrospond and everything! Oh wow! So excited for the adult sprites!!
  4. Ooh! I love the sound of a white drake! I really want to try my hand at spriting something, though I'm not hugely a pixel artist myself. Maybe that'll be it... Either way, I really do love the color of the green drakes. That dark glossy green hue is wonderful. These might just be my new favorites!! Cannot wait to see the adults. The crimson ones aren't quite as interesting to me. But then again, I love drakes so much, so that's not too surprising!! Still strange since red is my all time favorite color... Ah well!
  5. Because I have more than one of each type (except thunder. I only have a bred thunder) and I'd like to use specific dragon groups to summon them. I don't see any way to, and I'd rather not have random dragons be selected to summon with.
  6. Ugh... I can't seem to catch any florals either... Maybe they're rares?
  7. Ha, too bad I just joined earlier this year. Ah well. Some other time perhaps.
  8. I'll probably wait until all the eggs show up in the ap to grab any. Anyone else.
  9. The hatchie waterfall's wall is gonna take a few days worth of breaking... Let's hope we don't lose too many babies in the flood.
  10. Ooh! The second one gendered. I currently have 3, but I'm scroll locked for only four more hours. Might use that space for a Halloween vampire Dragon tho...
  11. Now isn't exactly the time for my only ridgewing to refuse one of my 2 nebulas, then be unable to breed for 7 days. That's really annoying. Ah well. I'll get one soon.