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  1. ... Ooohhh you know what? That's probably what happened! Usually I click on the dragon itself instead of the breed button to check lineages first, and mistook that for a confirmation screen in my head. Ah well. I'm sure Floral and Black Truffles will make a pretty lineage too! Thanks guys! I'll go "keep" one of those eggs ASAP
  2. Hello there! I was checking through possible breeding pairs for my two Floral-Crowneds from last year and seem to have come across a glitch. I was selecting random dragons to see how the pair would look together for a future lineage chart, but when I went back a page to the previous screen to select a different dragon, upon clicking on a new dragon it said the floral crown had "already been bred" I was confused so I double checked that I hadn't just selected my other, who'd already been bred, but found something stranger. The dragon I was doing matchmaker with, without confirming for any breeding, not only bred with a random Black Truffle I'd been looking at, but had also laid three eggs and had it so I kept all three, instead of only choosing one. This is a glitch, right? Because I didn't confirm to breed either dragon, and now I've got a cooldown on the one I was still looking for a mate for and three eggs that I know I'm not supposed to have. https://dragcave.net/user/Lusey You can see the eggs and confusion here
  3. all my ridges x nebs either gave me ridge eggs, neb eggs, or "Refused to Go Near Eachother"s RNGitis is upon me this night...