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  1. Please add me to the lists Forum Name: Low-key_Loki Scroll Link: Here PM Link: Here Proof that I read the rules: Green List Request: Aeon and cheese. Thank you!
  2. I Would Like to Request a Gold! Forum username: Low-key_Loki Scroll name: Low-key_Loki Number of gold dragons currently on your scroll: 0 What color trophy do you have: Bronze Thank you for making this awesome group and giving people a chance to get cool dragons!
  3. Yes, that's another thing, they do look a lot like digimon. I personally haven't seen digimon, so I can't really make a judgement, but I've heard it's kind of a Pokémon double.
  4. Plume dragons are swift flyers with a keen eye, capable of spotting prey on the ground from high in the clouds. Their white and blue coloring lets them easily blend in with the sky and their wings make almost no noise. Plume dragons make their nests on high mountain peaks so they can watch everything from above. In mating season, males will perform tricks in the air and screech for potential mates. Egg: This egg reminds you of a cloudy sky. Hatchling description: Aww... it's a cute baby dragon. It's always looking at the sky. Hatchling 2: Aww... It's a cute
  5. I have some questions about sick eggs/hatchlings. 1: Can sickness spread from one egg to another? I have like four sick eggs and hatchlings right now, and it all started with one egg. 2: I've had two eggs at different times of the same species (honey drake) and they have both gotten sick A LOT. One day it's cured, the next it's sick again. I'm wondering if it's the breed, because this has happened twice. Thank you
  6. Asustha: https://dragcave.net/view/FqfLr
  7. Go fish... well, there's one with the tip of the tail different, but I'm not sure that counts. Here A dragon with a code starting with ab
  8. Idk I can't be bothered anymore. You guys get the glory of being right (thumbs up emoji)
  9. Go fish Egg with a code beginning with G?
  10. Hmm. Keep: Red-finned Tidal Dragon Abandon: Horse Dragon Kill: Deep Sea (I'm so sorry!!) Honey Drake, Royal Blue, and Water Dragon.
  11. Yeah, with the running out of ideas thing, I just think some of them are a little strange, but like you were both saying with the boring ideas, I do think that most of gen 1's Pokémon aren't THAT creative, but they have super powers which makes them cool. Basically just super powered animals, and that's great. And I suppose the megas are okay in terms of fighting, but looks... nah. Blastoise looked much cooler before he got a mega chin and Venasaur has like three extra leaves. Some are okay, like I think Lucario is alright and the black and blue Charizard.
  12. Pidgeotite? Please no. Am I the only one here that thinks almost all mega evolutions look really stupid? I think they should just leave them alone and make new Pokémon. (But I'll have to admit, they're drastically running out of ideas, I mean, trubbish? Ice cream cone? Nintendo, it might be time to hang up your coat) Sorry for all the negativity, but there's one more thing I must complain about: the Sun and Moon Persian. I think it looks reallly really... dumb. There, end of my rant.
  13. I have to say the event was quite disappointing, it didn't even feel like an event really. But at least the legendaries got released. On Sunday my sister, brother-in-law, and I were driving and we saw an Articuno raid nearby, so we thought it would be worth trying. There were eleven other people there who were so excited to see more trainers. (I'm surprised at how many people there were!) Together, we were able to defeat the Articuno, but out of the entire group, my sister was the only one who caught it! I'm only level 19 so I didn't really stand a chance with all of these level 30's and 40's
  14. I named mine a while ago, but the option didn't used to be there.
  15. I haven't found a single "This heavy egg has a soft, yielding shell" egg in the cave. When I first saw the update and looked, there were several, but now I can't find any at all. (I've looked since yesterday morning.)
  16. I found a tree in the cave... is this normal?
  17. Hey, I have a question: what's the difference between views and clicks? If you view it, don't you have to click on it, so wouldn't they be the same thing?