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  1. @Awdz Bodkins Aww, what a cute cookie! It's very precious and I will treasure it. ❤️
  2. @Awdz Bodkins Yep, I'll send it over. Enjoy! Edit: It's alright if you don't have anything. The only payment I need is joy from the receiver, lol.
  3. Thank you to all who sent me cookies! They're all lovely! Sorry that I didn't give many back as school is pretty crazy right now XD. Now, who wants this kind weird looking Solstice Dragon cookie? Edit: I'm also wondering how you replicate cookies, as that would be much less of a pain to create!
  4. I looked at this thread a bit ago and was blown away by the artistry and creativity of everyone. This inspired me to draw one of my favorite dragons on DragonCave. So, beautiful job to all of you and thank you for the streak of inspiration! Anyone care for a Horse Dragon cookie? Edit: Oh right! I wouldn't mind having cookies sent to me either. My usernames are the same on both platforms.
  5. I've been wondering, has anyone else been having severe lag? It's especially bad when I click an egg, (RIP all the ones I've missed ;-;) taking a good 10∼20 seconds to load. And when I'm casually reloading the page between rollovers, there are random fits too. I've checked my WiFi connection multiple times and it has always said a fast connection speed. Has this been happening to anyone else?
  6. @High Lord November I recently caught an older release Xeno from the jungle. Let's just hope it's my bad luck!
  7. Is there any pattern or algorithm to play the Mana game? I can't see it.... But I did manage to win my first game. Lol. Never mind. I saw the guide on the previous page.
  8. Is there any chance that Sword and Sheild could have a 3DS copy? I that's the only game console I have.😥
  9. I like to play a game called Dragons Online. It's really fun, but for mobile only
  10. I rode my neglected $1,000 dollar mountain bike today. It's hard to ride in the snow, so I guess I have an excuse....