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  1. Me after 2017 halloween: I'm omen's biggest fan. Me after 2018 halloween: I'm SAlt omen's biggest fan. got a couple of them so far! not a big fan of messy, but I nut for omen.
  2. The glitch is fixed! the items are finally able to be picked up!
  3. Happy cake day to DC! 😘 I regret reading people's interpretations of the breeds that they're Hogwart houses! I'm not even a wizarding world/pottermore nerd but I'm gonna be addicted >_< I even went to take my sorting quiz and just found out I'm a Hufflepuff. Now I want to make an army of that yellow dragon omg lmao.
  4. Azurean


    Hello, anybody here? I love SHINee. Been a kpop fan for almost 10 years.
  5. Entered. ^^ My first time participated. I've been meaning for January, but I never made it. ahaha. Finally! Good luck.
  6. I received a gift via TGT Gift report: Mizashi -> Azurean: Green Dino egg Am I on that list? Yes Do I need/wish to be removed? Yes How was the gift offered? Via PM
  7. I've been doing the catching on my phone and it loads super fast no problem (except at hour drops) but I still couldn't manage to snatch a yule/holly.
  8. Its unfortunate that there's a whole viewbombing fiasco taking place. I lost my shallow water egg a bit before the holiday event started. Also, I'm sad I still can't get any yules and hollies yet. I'm about give up :Its so hard to get. <
  9. Make way, make way! Scary fire noodle army coming through!
  10. Stolen 'Daunting Beauty.' Will be saving it for an Omen
  11. Confused Cat posted majority of the lineages I planned to do. Pairing them with all Xeno types, Silver Shimmer and male Silver. Funny thing is that I'm not a big fan of big lineages (more than 3G) or checkers but I think I might want to get on board now. I also have a cb silver prize and I don't mind helping out if anybody wants one for the Omen x Silver Shim prize lineage.
  12. Hauntingly beautiful. Already my favorite halloween and I'm not being biased because I joined DC this year. I love wyrms omg. I'll breed them with the other existing wyrms and my silver shimmerscale. The name though. One of my hatchies got the code efmeN Efmen Omen. F Omen? Well, I ended up naming it Frightening Omen. Thank you so much, spriter(s). ♥
  13. Have: CB 2 Male Witchlights CB Male Pumpkin CB Female Desipis Want: CB 2 Female Witchlights CB Female Pumpkin CB Male Desipis M Witch 1 (Grows up under 12h!) M Witch 2 Pumpkin Desipis
  14. Gender Swap! Have: CB Black Marrow male hatchie 2UB6j Want: CB Black Marrow female hatchie / (Precogged/Influenced) Offer here
  15. I knew we won't able to freely dress our hatchies after the event is over. I'm happy mines is locked with a pretty outfit.
  16. The last one is different because that's the only female within the four hatchies.
  17. Have: CB Male Desipis low time hatchies. Grows up in 8-9 hours within making this post. oeBUU IZ5Pt Want: CB Female Desipis hatchies Offer on oeBUU Offer on IZ5Pt
  18. Have: CB Male Desipis (Its low time too!) Want: CB Female Desipis https://dragcave.net/teleport/4ac0889235f7159d06fa9fd109f53791Traded! Another CB Male precog Desipis needs to go! I'd like another CB female hatchie please. https://dragcave.net/teleport/ea6f66c6799b9de67e22d1bea1822a02
  19. Azurean

    Pokemon Go

    So does Duskull! My father caught one of his own. He's so lucky. He already got a shiny Sableye only a few days prior.
  20. I love you whoever made the sylveon lollipop. Also the undertale one hit me right in the feels.
  21. There was an Undine flood a few days ago so i picked some up for a chance of an alt. Tada! https://dragcave.net/lineage/CbG3b I'm not a big fan of 3G or more dragons but since its my first ever alt, I think I'm gonna keep it. Unless someone wants to bribe me with a good offer
  22. Scroll Name: Azurean Forum Name: Azurean
  23. @StarSea Would love an option. I strongly want this. I would love this because I'm always looking forward to when they hatch/grow. Option again, please.
  24. Decided to try and get some shallow waters today. However I only have two pairings ready to go. End result? One Magi, one Water.
  25. Its always golds, silvers and xenos. I've only seen silver once when I was only a week old user but I didn't think it was rare. On the other hand, I never seen a gold in the cave.