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latest?cb=20130129093016Β latest?cb=20130129095836Β can offer 2G silver and bronze

latest?cb=20131225115512Β looking for 2G blue solstices

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    Hi there, you cal call me Azure! I love blue including blue dragons!
    In my scroll, I tend to name all of my CBs, I usually leave any breds that aren't mine unnamed.

    Currently/Always looking: Hoarding dragons, CB Gold, CB Silver

    πŸ’™Hoarding: Xenos (esp. Chrono), Blusang Lidwurms, Seawyrm Pygmy, Moonstones, etc

    πŸ’™Current IOUs:
    With Amy.x - CB Silver - To offer 15 cb hatchies on wishlist (5/15)
    πŸ’™Prize Breeding List:
    Pair is 'Silver Shimmer Celestiese (X35PE) x Omen Otheon' unless noted of changed mate.
    1. deja | To Receive: Zyu/Xeno | Estimated completion: Jan 10th
    2. boscodelta | Received: CB Gold | Estimated completion: Jan 17th
    3. Tears in Rain - with Winter | Received: CB Gold | Estimated completion: Jan 24th
    πŸ’™IOU History:
    Completed 11/6 - The Dragoness - CB Pyro + Astrapi - 2G Silver Shim x Omen