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  1. just got 54 eggs. Thats all of them?
  2. Is there a bug where people get multiplies? I have gotten 2 thats exactly the same.
  3. I have gotten both the speckled egg and the golden one, but getting the purple one is proving to be a nightmare. Edit: These arent like holiday eggs and i can get them year round? Cause i think im going to give up on it until the craze calms down.
  4. I thought that was just the ice/fire thing. Why isnt that written anywhere on the announcment or the event?
  5. I have been playing this puzzle for a while and ive noticed that when i chose the hardest dufficulty i only get 1%-2%. How is that a reward for beating the hardest difficulty if its intended? And its going to cost me the last epilouge as as far i understand theres only 2 hours left of the event and i only have 63% on the meter. And (why is this stupid animal appearing instead of the word i wrote?) progress isnt recorded as i notice that the % doesnt change. Any way to get more points so i can get the last epilouge?
  6. Took a while, but i remembered how to do a refresh of the browser, but i did it and it now works. Thanks for teh help guys.
  7. Im using chrome and if you mean refresh the page, yes and it hasnt worked. It worked fine some 30 minutes ago when i first tried to play it again. I was unsure if enough time had gone, but last time i didnt wait long enough i still got to play it, it just said that my submission didnt count since 15 minutes hadnt gone by. Now 30 minutes have gone and i still dont have access to the game.
  8. I cant play it. It loads up to the choose difficulty screen, but when i press any of the options nothing happens. I have unlocked the 4th chapter(not the epilogue) and my meter is at 1%. Is there any way i can get it to work again? Edit: I cleared my cache and it now works.