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Hello! Currently looking to raise new dragons. I accept breeding requests, and I check my PM's daily. In need of golden wyverns and nebulas!

Check out my Deviantart? Go Here!

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    Hey!! Ava here.
    Welcome to my profile. I also have a deviantart, XxDialgaxX. Check out my art sometime?

    I really REALLY love dragons. From a young age up until now. I was always so fascinated by them!
    My one wish is to have a real dragon as a pet, but that probably wouldn't end well. Lol.

    I name all my dragons, unless they have cool codes like my solgA silver.

    I am currently collecting new dragons, so I will be looking for them. I am also a nebula and a golden wyvern collecter.

    I take breeding requests, and I try to participate in as many activities as I can.

    I am not very good with lineage or gen, so if your asking me for a certain lineage I probably won't understand you. owo.

    9/5/2017- Going back to school. Will only be active around 2:40 pm - 6:00 pm.

    Have a nice day!