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  1. Just catched this little hachtling in den AP. He has an interesting lineage and I kinda like it. Let's see if I somehow manage to get him a mate. Thank you, Terrafreaky.
  2. How is the value from the CB Xenos? Are some of them worth more or nah? And if so, how is it for the Mageia?
  3. I forgot how nice some lineages are in the AP. https://dragcave.net/lineage/pi6aH My favourite of the last days. Thanks maaters!
  4. 1. What's your forum name? Northscales 2. What's your favorite element? I kinda like copper. Thanks for hosting the raffle!
  5. I got the name "As Travars". Something from the books I'm currently reading. And loving.
  6. Uh, not really hyped. I liked Moon but...nah. Would have enjoyed a remake of some old editions. Also, I think it's more to push the Switch than anything else...
  7. I'm from Austria. The small island on the right bottom of the worldmap...wait what
  8. I think I'll go with this lineage. Looks really nice.