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  1. While it wouldn't completely rend the economy as unlimited adult trading would, this would still make hatchie and egg values go completely down the gutter, and still draw a lot of focus away from the raising aspect. Sure, sometimes you don't get a genderswap, or you don't get the offer you want in time, but unless it's something crucial like a cb metallic or something, I just don't see this being any more than one of the many small inconveniences that are just part of the game, and not one big enough to really justify adult trading, be it for a week, or forever.
  2. I'm not sure if the poll idea would work so well, but I don't really feel strong enough to be too strongly opposed. I do definitely support the base idea going on here, though. Naturally it's unreasonable to ask just one guy to have to comb through the whole section regularly, but if something is popular enough to gather support for a whole year, or years, it's only fair to get at minimum some basic acknowledgement. It's impossible to know if he's even read some of these threads because he's so quiet and distant.
  3. It'll be right here, in a tab at the top left of the screen.
  4. Could I? Absolutely. Would I? Well, I wouldn't exactly want to go down in history as "that guy who beat up babies."
  5. I've nabbed two or three xenowyrms myself the past couple weeks, though there are other rares I've had a heck of a time finding, including aeons and trio members, among others. I can't put my finger on it, but I do feel vaguely similar, just not about xenos. Might just be some fluctuation in the ratios.
  6. I think comparing golds to prizes is a little apple and orange-y. The thing about golds is that you can, theoretically, get them at any time from the cave. Buying a gold in the market is essentially skipping the effort of hunting for them in exchange for a different kind of effort. There is no such equivalence for prizes. There is no current effort in getting them outside of remembering to click a button once a month and praying. It's also not even close to as hard as it would be for prizes to get a full set of golds, if they were the same price. And yes, it's true that you don't technically need a full set of prizes, but you don't technically need anything in DC. However, making prizes take more than a year to get is unfairly punishing to people who don't want to play in such a minimalist way. I think a lot of people are really underestimating just how long a year is. DC itself has been around for roughly 12 years (13? On mobile and don't feel like looking up). How many people from allllll the way back then are still playing? Some, I'm sure, but I doubt the core playerbase of DC is people who have been playing since the early-mid 2000's. I mean heck, 12 years is longer than half the time a lot of players have been alive, myself included. If you only want one of each, or would be happy with just one prize, that's great! But that's not everybody, and in fact, very many people want full sets of each breed, prizes included. I don't have much to say against the spinner idea that hasn't already been said. I'm with the people saying it's unnecessarily complicating and is trying too hard to preserve the rng component, which is the exact part so many people vehemently hate.
  7. You can just release adults you don't want, you don't have to kill them.
  8. Echoing the above statement, adult trading would so radically change the fundamental economy of DC, I can't see it ever happening, and even if it was possible, I'd still be against it. Ruins the point a little, doesn't it? Who would even bother trading hatchies if you could just grab an insta-ready adult?
  9. How many sites did you post your hatchlings to? As far as I understand, mature hatchlings can still die from lack of views. It's possible you just got enough for them to mature, but not enough for them to grow into adults.
  10. Is that so? It'd be a shame if true, but if it's truly impossible, then I can live with just freshly dead dragons being eligible. Still, if there's a way to make old dragons work, I'd like to see that. Maybe they could be "soft revived" in a sense with a new code? It wouldn't technically be the same dragon but for the sake of lineages it could be close enough.
  11. Tombstones would still be exactly as they are now unless acted upon, meaning if you did nothing, they would go away on their own. Near the beginning of the thread I talk about how you would going about doing this: "I personally believe such an action should just be a free option for any eligible tombstone on your scroll, but if users are strongly against the free aspect, perhaps some kind of BSA would be appropriate. Guardians, maybe? Spirit Wards?" And a bit further in I talk about how they would be removed, if you changed your mind after acting: "As for the actual method of removal, I again think this should just be a free action, though I think expunge could work here too, if need be´╗┐." Peripherally related: some users have brought up long dead dragons, which I did not initially consider, but now that it's been brought up it seems like a really good use for this that somehow slipped by me.
  12. Having recently had this idea, and finding no topics the propose something similar (that I could find), I figured if no one else has, I might as well make the suggestion! So, tombstones. They're one of the most fleeting things you can collect. They have the properties of the original dragon, making them a pain to sort if you want them all together, they don't have their special biome variants unless they belong to the elusive undead dragon, and they disappear after two weeks anyways - unless they again, belong to an undead, and even then they do not have the actual grave sprite itself for half the day. This is why I'm proposing a Memorialize action, that would make tombstones not only permanent, but gives them properties similar to normal dragons. I personally believe such an action should just be a free option for any eligible tombstone on your scroll or dragon you owned before dying, but if users are strongly against the free aspect, perhaps some kind of BSA would be appropriate. Guardians, maybe? Spirit Wards? Some may ask, why would anyone want something like this? A lasting mark of shame on your scroll? Why not just farm for zombies instead, since they're permanent? Well, there are several reasons that I think at least some people would make use of a feature like this: Sprite collection. Many users strive for at least one of everything, and for some, tombstones could very well be included in their definition of "everything". As it stands, the only way to get all 7 tombstone sprites is with undead dragons, which is all well and good - undeads are a perfectly lovely thing to have on your scroll - however this might not be everyone's cup of tea. Undead dragons are notoriously hard to get, and it could take ages to get all the unique tombstone sprites. Furthermore, said sprites are not always visible. This is already slightly irksome for dragons that are prettier when showing off their temporary sprites, like celestials, but undead sprites and their respective graves are so different that it's really not the same at all, and some people would just like their rock to stay a rock 24/7. Lore/flavor. There are plenty of people who like to come up with unique, personal narratives for their dragons to inhabit, either by way of descriptions, or perhaps purely in imagination. Tragic dead parents? Backstabbing siblings? Other gruesome fates? All your sad needs and more can be met and immortalized on your scroll for all to see. There may also be users who plain and simple think the idea of having a "personal graveyard" on their scroll is neat. I for one am part of that crowd - whether or not I'm a weird outlier for wanting this I suppose remains to be seen. Expression of regret. All this talk about undeads and we haven't even touched on all the graves that pile up from trying to get them. Some users may just sincerely regret the dragons that have died on their scroll, be it fodder, a rash decision, a convoluted mishap of some kind, or a hatchling they forgot about and let die. If they feel the desire to remember these passed dragons in some way, this could be it. Other reasons! I'm not psychic, I can't know or predict all the reasons someone might use a feature like this, but I'm sure there are more out there. Whatever they might be, they're just as valid as the ones listed above. So, what would memorializing actually do? Well, first and most obviously, it would make the tombstone permanent, regardless of any other conditions like time of day, and give it a unique biome sprite as undeads have. Second most importantly, it would allow you to name and describe said tombstone, rather than just having an ugly (code) sitting on your scroll. This could let you preserve the name the dragon had in life - or maybe you just want to make bad dead people puns, like those chintzy halloween decorations. As well, it could allow you to describe what the dragon was like in life, or maybe how they died. I don't know, I'm not the lore police, maybe you have your own reasons for describing a grave. It would also give them unique sorting properties, rather than being sorted as if they were the breed they were, so that if you had many of these graves from different breeds and biomes, they wouldn't be scattered across your scroll like sprinkles. E.g. for color sorting, they'd sort with the greys, for breed sorting, maybe they'd sort with the g's? d's? At the end of the scroll? Etc. etc. There'd of course be measures to prevent this from being abused. Memorializing would not affect how many dragons you can kill in any way, so you could not quickly sweep graves under the rug to kill more. It would also not affect the two weeks time needed for tombstones to disappear from your scroll, so that you couldn't quickly purge unattractive zombie fodder. As for the actual method of removal, I again think this should just be a free action, though I think expunge could work here too, if need be. Regardless of which, though, two weeks would still be needed before they could be removed. Now, you might be thinking, doesn't this indirectly encourage morally reprehensible behavior? The short answer is, yes, this does create minor incentive to kill dragons rather than just releasing them. However, this would not be the first time Being A Terrible Person was rewarded on the site, and just as you can choose not to engage in the murder and wastage that is necessary to create undeads and neglecteds, you can choose not to participate in the comparatively much cleaner process of creating graves to memorialize. Bells and whistles These are features that aren't really integral to the core concept, and I'd be fine without, but I think would be fun for either future consideration, or to be released alongside the base feature. Flowers? These could be collected similarly to the trick or treat events, popping up rarely, and dropping seasonally, or maybe earned in some way. Not only could they be left by graves, but they'd be a fun minor collectible, like year round trick or treating. These could be, of course, toggled on and off. You could choose whether users could leave flowers by a dragon's grave, and could toggle whether these flowers appear around the site for you, in case you find the idea of random items popping up all year long annoying. Plaques. Separate from descriptions, these would just be small, tasteful blurbs. Perhaps appearing when the mouse is hovered over the tombstone in question, or maybe above the description, where the breed flavor text would normally appear. New tombstone sprites. Unique biome sprites were already a decent addition, but I think there's room for even more here if obtaining permanent graves was more accessible, as this action would do. My current idea is maybe the actual shape of the stone is based on mana, with differing aesthetics and degrees of ornateness depending on which of the ten types the original dragon was aligned with, while still having the environmental effects of the biome. I understand this creates a lot of work, which is why it's not high priority for me, but considering that tombstone sprites are significantly less work than full fledged dragons, I don't think it is completely beyond the realm of possibility. --- So that's what I have so far! If any of this seems half baked, or I'm missing/misunderstanding something, or you feel like something is unbalanced, feel free to add suggestions, because I'm all ears for ideas to improve or streamline the concept.
  13. Some people here have already talked about the merits of dc having almost no exclusive dragons that only a special few get, so I'm going to primarily echo that sentiment without getting too in depth. One of the biggest turn offs for me for so many adoptables sites is the sheer quantity of content that's ludicrously difficult or sometimes literally just outright impossible for me, as a new user, to get. Sure, putting prizes in the market lowers the """""specialness""""", but I think a line has to be drawn somewhere for when something is just too special, and in my opinion, not only have prizes (proportionately to the availability of other dragons in dc, at least) crossed that line, they bolted past it and didn't look back. The only sentiment I'm going to have to strongly speak against is the "2 years of shards" proposal. I think it should be one year at most, much more ideally half a year because we have two different prizes to account for. A special anniversary present or two for dedicating a whole year to a funny pixel dragon game. As someone who has scroll goals not unlike most people's - 2 cb of each (I'm personally actually aiming for 4 of each but that many cb prizes is unrealistic with or without this hypothetical market egg) - I do not want to have to play dc for 12 years just to get a full set of one of the prizes. I can't even know that dc will still be around in 12 years. 6 years of dedication and buying nothing else from the market for 12 prizes seems completely reasonable to me. You put in the work, you get rewarded, none of this rng business except as a fun way to shave some of that time and work off for a lucky few.
  14. My favorite type is really hard to choose, most days I'd say poison but I really love psychic, dark, and ground types too. Psychic and dark types tend to have really fun, weird personalities, and ground types just have consistently solid designs. Poison types on the other hand almost all fit my personal aesthetic: gross and terrible. Picking just one favorite Pokemon is impossible! Even the highest highest most number one spot has to be a four way tie between Salandit, Salazzle, Mareanie, and Toxapex. Bronzong and Celesteela are really high up there, as well as Nihilego, Kartana, Dawn/Dusk Necrozma... actually pretty much anything related to Ultra Space. Gen 7 had some really great designs. Garchomp and Noivern, too, and Magmar at least gets an honorable mention. I'm also going to throw Unown in here because even though there are other psychic types I like more I think it gets dumped on way too much, it's a really cute and quirky lil mon and it's a shame it's complete garbage in battle. Favorite shinies are probably Chesnaught, Cresselia, and Fraxure - yes, I think shiny Fraxure is leagues cooler than shiny Haxorus and I will die on this hill. Basically all purple shinies, too. Doublade, Braixen, Tsareena, Pumpkaboo, they're just so vivid and stylish.
  15. Hi, I'm looking for help with the forums? DC itself was pretty easy to get the hang of but I've been struggling to "break the ice" on the forum, so to speak, in part because it's a lot bigger and more active than the one I used to be on. Any help would be appreciated, someone in or around the mountain time zone would be ideal for convenience but if that's not possible anything really will work. Thanks!
  16. Alright I'm not really sure how to get into this forum but here seems as good a place for my first post as any. My favorite color is hot pink. No particular reason I just think it's very nice. I'm a huge nerd for Pokemon, and my all time favorite is a close tie between Salazzle and Toxapex, though Noivern and Alolan Exeggutor are close contenders. On the subject of video games I really like the Metroid series (outside of that and Pokemon, though, I'm not really what you'd call a "gamer"). I really like drawing, though I'm more into pencil sketches than digital art. Not really that I don't want to, I'm just entirely too lazy to borrow my sister's drawing tablet and set it up, let alone learn to use it : P Though I do consider myself a hobby pixel artist, so if you count that as digital art. I really like to write, too! I've tried my hand at fan fiction and original stories a few time, but ultimately, I'm more of a RP person. I'm what you'd call a crazy cat person. I have 8, in fact (not all inside, obviously - I live in the country, so most roam around the house). I really, really love bugs! (bugs as in most terrestrial invertebrates, +crustacean buddies). I'm no entomologist, I don't know much about them at all, I'll admit, but I find insects really fascinating, cute, or comically dorky, often all three. My favorites, for better or worse, tend to line up with the ones considered "gross pests," mosquitoes and earwigs especially : < I can't not like something with a pointy tube mouth or a pinchy butt. Those are the best kinds of mouths and/or butts! Really, though, I like all bugs about the same, including the conventionally "acceptable" ones (moths, fireflies, ladybugs, etc). I really, really love palm trees. I don't even know why but there is just something so enamoring by their long, woven-looking trunks, their big poof of broad leaves, and the big "beards" of sorts some of them have. I unironically enjoy vaporwave and future funk. I just really like the sound of it! I can't think of a tenth fact, uh...... my favorite type is Poison, I guess?