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  1. Like a lot of people I find myself wishing for more resources, but otherwise having a lot of fun! A shame it has to end after only a week. Here's my own fort - I've enjoyed trying to find creative ways to use pieces.


  2. Ah, thanks, just wanted to double check since I've been having personal tech issues lately and I can never be 100% sure whether it's just me or if it's showing for everyone else. Not sure where else I'll find good egg sprites but I'll look into fixing that.

  3. Was recommended I take this relatively small problem here: there's a slight error with chicken eggs sprites. The outline of the hatching sequence is subtly darker than the whole and dead sprites.
    latest?cb=20100328010108Chicken crack 1Chicken crack 5Chicken dead egg
    (I apologize if these are displaying incorrectly for anyone else, my computer isn't cooperating and I can't for the life of my figure out what's happening)
    Anyways, this obviously is a low priority issue, but the inconsistency is bugging me.

  4. 2 hours ago, Mewtie said:

    I think you may be looking for the Cave Feedback thread?

    Yeah, that seems like the right place. Thanks!

    Edit: are the egg sprites I posted obnoxiously large for anyone else? My browser has been acting wonky lately and I just want to make sure this is a strictly me problem and that I haven't by mistake linked unnecessarily giant images.

  5. I mean, there's already a soft friending system on the forums with the follow feature, and even you yourself admitted you can't really think of any benefits. Considering how little user interaction there is on the main site, I can't see much of a reason for this. If we ever get on-site PMs or... something? Maybe this might be useful? But as it stands it just kinda feels like having friends for the sake of having friends. I can't even really think of many theoretical future features that would necessitate this.

  6. I agree that raising the cb limit can only make users more generous, not the other way around. 4 seems like the perfect number here, for reasons discussed above, and is much less restrictive than 2. I don't have much more to add that hasn't already been said above, so I'll just simply toss in my support.

  7. Kinda feeling as angelic is here, it's great and all to have replies, but most of them are just. Hm. Possibly what is most frustrating is how it feels like most of them were closed without chance for rebuttal or further discussion. Just, "nope. This is how it is." We barely got answers and several points in closed threads went unanswered. It stings a little to feel like he didn't even get past the OP in some of these suggestions, with meaningful discussion, alternative proposals, and minor tweaks getting totally swept under the rug. Maybe we should have been a little more careful what we wished for when we said "even just a hard yes or no would be preferable to nothing" because seeing some of these threads die with so little elaboration is extremely disheartening and makes it feel like we aren't really being heard.

  8. I'm personally of the opinion that if a dragon has conflicting body types, they should just both be listed, for simplicity's sake. There are some exceptions that are just too major or complex to fit under the umbrella of our current classification system and it's, imo, better to have a few wonky entries than complicate stuff and make it less likely to be considered for implementation.

  9. Is there anywhere minor issues can be posted? I've noticed a very small issue with chicken egg sprites but it doesn't really feel like it deserves a whole thread, nor do I even know if it's actually a mistake at all.

    Chicken Egg Chicken dead egg Chicken crack 1 Chicken crack 4

    As you can see, the outline of the whole/dead egg is a bit lighter than the cracked version.

  10. 2 minutes ago, Dragon_Arbock said:

    I don't think removing the limit would truly hurt anyone. I'd at least like to be able to have 6, but ideally would prefer people can get as many as they please.

    This assumes summon rates would not be affected by ratios, which I cannot say for certain, but do at least reasonably suspect strongly enough to still be against unlimited summons. If we're stingy and assume everyone has a 10% success rate per summon, unlike the wiki's estimated 20% (and yes I do know the wiki should be taken with a big ol grain of salt, which is why we're assuming 10%), that's about 2.4 GoNs per year, and once you start factoring ratios into that, those numbers will start to get more turbulent, and the players who enjoyed summons at their "freshest" will have an unfair head start over players who joining a year or two after this mechanic was implemented. Again, I can't say with certainty this is how TJ would do it, but I also can't say with certainty he wouldn't, especially with how much of the site uses ratios already. I just don't want to risk doing that to these hypothetical future users.

    I will admit I'm not intimately versed in the behind the scenes mechanics of DC so if I'm pulling any of this out of my butt go ahead and correct me, but the prospect of unlimited GoNs is worrying to me for more than just flavor reasons like "you shouldn't be able to get unlimited gods."

  11. 41 minutes ago, olympe said:

    The thing is that we have quite a few breeds that might be a mix of two body types. Let's take red-finned Tidals as an example. Officially, they're lindwyrms although they have no front legs, but only one set of fins (see description!) that look like wings. According to their description, they're purely aquatic - or so it seems from the description. According to the definition of "if it's aquatic, it's a sea serpent" (like with shallow waters...), it should be classified as a sea serpent. If you compare the Tidal to a Skywing, which has pretty much the same kind of body (wing arms, wing legs, tail), it should definitely be classed as an amphiptere. For some inconceivable reason, though, the Tidal is supposed to be a Lindwyrm. Someone please explain this to me. I could understand the Tidal being classified as sea serpent, I could understand it being classified as an amphiptere or even both. But its actual classification makes no sense whatsoever.

    This actually brings up an interesting point that's only tangentially related to the OP: should dragons be able to have two or more body types? Not sure if I'm confident enough to make a whole suggestion topic dedicated to this yet, but like mana, perhaps dragons should have both a primary body type (for zombies and other reasons? I'm not 100% sure where else body types are used like this in the cave), and a secondary body type, for raffle purposes, and just to satisfy arguments like "are gilded bloodscales western or eastern?" or "how the heck are we supposed to address terraes?" I'm also going to throw in support for displaying breeding groups, both for newbies and the completionist in me who likes seeing all information cataloged, no matter how small.

    Even if this doesn't come to be though, I definitely agree there are some dragons that make 0 sense and can't even really be stretched to fit their "official" body types.

  12. 2 minutes ago, Bigbite said:

    Wow, we have some very petty people here at DC. All my eggs were put into nurseries, without my permission, I guess because I took the position I did on this subject.

    All it takes is one very small minded individual to try and ruin the game for others. Please wise up and grow up.

    I think it's very rash to instantly assume you're being attacked specifically because of this thread, especially because so many people have been reporting issues with viewboming today and possibly yesterday totally unrelated to their forum activity. There are other threads to talk about this kind of misfortune but it seems a bit hot tempered, off topic, and imo, in poor taste to take your grievances to a young and not even terribly controversial topic.

  13. 1 hour ago, BrazenChase said:

    Myself and several other users of the DC Discord are being viewbombed after discussing the recent viewbombing of AoND.


    If you have dragons in AoND currently and are noticing strange ratios, I advise you remove them. If you've been active in the Discord recently, check your scroll.


    An anon with a blank name and ID of #8528 on Discord added me, and several others users. Our scrolls were then bombed.


    Be safe.


    Sigh. First time being VB'd here. How dare I speak up, I suppose. Only took 2 months of playing to get targeted.

    I'd like to chime in that this user was also spotted using alts, not just on the account #8528. If you use discord and get a suspicious friend request, fog your stuff just to be certain, I received a suspicious dm and shortly after my views started spiking. No losses yet, luckily, but can't be overcautious.

  14. I'm in the "don't remove the limit entirely, but raise it," crowd. The lowest I'd begrudgingly tolerate is a limit of 4, so I can get both an s2 and an s1, but like DragonLady said, 6 seems to be the perfect number here. Just double the amount we can already get. It's not too high, but satisfies both breeders and sprite collectors, and gives us a little more wiggle room.

    I wouldn't mind making it unlimited if it was changed to one GoN per trio, however I don't see this happening any time soon, and seeing as how it encroaches a bit on the Sinomorph's gimmick, I can't even say I'd really like this option all that much, but it'd be an acceptable compromise if it did ever happen.