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  1. This image should explain why the whole flowers over dragons idea is...less than ideal. Like, come on. That's 30% zoom and I still can't see the interactable element of the page.
  2. Same! I love my 3 smol disaster children, I wonder which one(s) will be part of the egg.
  3. In all my years of dc, there's been no dragon release that comes from the Festival. Unless I'm getting so old I've forgotten. I agree, it would be kinda nice though.
  4. I mean, I know you've only been around for less than a year, but that's pretty par for the course for the Festival. Like, there were so many Undertale and Homestuck eggs in previous years, so, like, maybe stop acting like your grudge against Pika has any impact on how "weird" it is for her to be proud enough of her art and comic that she made an egg from it. The Elder Scrolls egg and this cool gold thing with wings and star are my favorite. Honorable mention is the bouncing bunny it's great, I love the eyes bulging in fear.
  5. While I for one am one of those who feel like the individual referenced should apologize publicly, this post definitely clears things up and I will be satisfied with these measures.
  6. When people get pissed off at me for correcting their spelling. Excuse me, YOU're the wrong one here. If I don't point out that you're wrong, and how it is correct, YOU WILL NEVER KNOW. AND YOU WILL CONTINUE BEING IGNORANT AND WRONG FOR GOD KNOWS HOW LONG BEFORE SOMEONE CORRECTS YOU, WHOM YOU WILL PROBABLY PROCEED TO GET PISSED OFF AT.
  7. I think that humanity will end this year, because of the "Mayan Apocalypse 12/21/12." Not due to any apocalyptic event, but because people BELIEVE there will be an apocalyptic event to the point where they will do whatever they want because, hey, the world ends in less than 5 months, right? Either that or zombies. The zombies might take longer, but It's apparently possible. A gamma-ray burst could also do us in. The phenomena are rare, and would have to be pointed DIRECTLY at Earth to destroy us, but were it to occur, we wouldn't have any chance. As for our universe ending... Our univ
  8. How in the world do I go about asking a college if they'll give me a fee waiver for their application? I desperately need it due to my financial situation, but I don't know what to say. I have a bad way with words, and tend to stumble over my tongue a little, not to mention make a moron of myself in other various ways--and that's in PERSON. Not to mention I have a distaste for phones...
  9. Can anyone say that their first Regenerator in Resident Evil 4 was not terror inducing? How about El Gigante, the massive beast that you never thought you'd be able to kill? Your first Plagas that popped from the head of an enemy? Saddler in his full glory? These monsters made me want to cry at times, and I have paused the game and put down my controller on more than one occasion. Moving away from RE4 and towards Skyrim. Was anyone as terrified of their first Draugr as I was? How about Hagravens? Honestly, wolves are adorable more than they are dangerous. Bears are a little stronger, but
  10. I have an allergy to either poison ivy or poison oak. Yay. Either way, the doctor had never seen a case that bad. @.@
  11. I hope the new Blackout skin is here to stay. It's kinda cool. o3o Otherwise, glad to see the message TJ. I contacted my Senator through the link on the site.
  12. I am at heart a pro-choicer. Though I feel that there are some cases when the woman SHOULD keep the child, most of the time, I think they should decide what they want to do. One thing I'd like is also for the man who is responsible (if he's a part of her life) got a little, Iunno, say in the matter. Yes. I know. It's your body. I won't ever be able to/experience pregnancy. But, if I'm in a relationship, and I got her pregnant, I would like to have SOME say in the life of my child. Now, I'm not saying that what I say goes, but a discussion would be nice. And it'd be even better if we could
  13. I treat my dragons as what they are: pixels on a computer screen. I like to think of myself as their God. I hold their fate in my completely unsuitable hands. I tend to only grab what is pretty, and what isn't is booted. The few exceptions to this is when I grabbed the fugly thing before I really cared. Back when I started, I didn't care if something was CB or umpteenth gen inbred. I see no reason to kill the dragons, and would instead opt to release them. I assume this is more because of limits than sympathy. However, I refuse to release or kill anything (outside of failed vamp bite
  14. 773. Stormcaller, your avvy was my background once upon a time.
  15. That sounds like a great way to hurt yourself. o.o
  16. Oboy. I was waiting for this. 8D
  17. Obligatory Live for the Swarm has been done. I sadfaec. Anyway, I have the first Starcraft, as well as the Brood War expansion, and am hoping and praying for Wings of Liberty. I'm not a particularly good RTS player, and I read somewhere that SC2 has tutorials for things like build orders and micro'ing. I've been nosing around the site for a little bit, and I love the new units. Especially the Zerg. The Roach's and Infestor's ability to move while burrowed seems like a game winning strategy. The Protoss Mothership also seems pretty epic. I mean, a cloaking field that cloaks all nearby
  18. If I were to get an incurable, terminal, infectious disease, I would move to Madagascar. And my last words would be: "F**k yeah! Got in before the frickin' ports closed!" At which time, I would attempt to infect as many people as possible, just so I could get back at all those times MADAGASCAR HELD OUT! D:< Also, "Hey guys, watch this!" would be awesome last words. And "I lost the Game!"
  19. Bu-Wh-Who-Why-Ho-*breaks down into tears* That is the worst butchery of my language I have ever seen. I didn't make it through the first paragraph without tearing up in RL from the psychological damage it did to me. I have lost much faith in my generation. I always use Oxford commas. I was taught that they were optional, but I use them anyway. On the forums, in a PM, or on the IRC, I will use correct grammar as best I can. Of course, I will use some small abbreviations, like "lol," "ftw,' "btw," "nvm," and so on, as well as smilies/emoticons. Who doesn't? However, while on AIM or
  20. I have... *checks scroll* 2 adults and no hatchlings. They were phased out before I wanted to waste a slot to make any more hatchlings. Of course, I would never release either of them especially since Lil Sweetheart was one of my original 4.
  21. I just tried my luck with an Earthquake and forced both a Red and a Silver. Now, since they both hatched at the same time, and they both ran away at the same time, How the heck did I catch both of them and stop them from running away?
  22. I snagged a Vine (Thorny Plant), a Bright Pink (Lil Sweetheart), a Black (lil killer) off the AP, and a Guardian (Big Shield Drago), all off the AP, and all of which still reside on my scroll.