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  1. Okay, then I was wrong. Cool that it's still around! Iron Cross isn't. But I have it in my hard drive as well.
  2. Well, I should have read the board rules - sorry about breaking 'em. The game is great though - and it's a shame it seems not to be anywhere anymore - that's why I uploaded it. Same with AOD - Iron Cross, which is a WW2 strategy game. Gone. What a shame...
  3. I'm uploading the game to my dropbox account and will share here, don't worry! Exploring your game will be interesting, and I will do my best to help you folks to improve it. I just need an access to it first before I can help sensibly.
  4. Haha, well, I'm just throwing ideas to improve the game! Yet, I need to think more. I need to learn what you folks have created here, learn to play the game (once the maintenance problems are gone). I know... I'm a new member so you're confused about what I'm posting here. But Dragons are a great interest for me and I LOVE fantasy worlds.
  5. Okay, so we have these now: Alpine Coast Desert Forest Jungle Volcano As I've been playing the HOMM 3 a lot, it has pretty good terrain ideas for the fantasy world. So, the terrains in the game are: Grass Snow Sand Dirt Underground Swamp Lava Rough Water These could be upgraded to traveling locations: Grass - Forest Snow - Arctic Sand - Desert Dirt - Prairie Underground - Underworld Swamp - Swamp Lava - Volcano Rough - Mediterranean Water - Sea So, the former ones were pretty good, I just shaped the table somewhat. I don't know which Dragons would belong to which ones (LOL), but those traveling locations are my suggestions! Waiting for the next challenge...
  6. Okay, let's think about this - a combination of old and new ideas: HOMM 3: Green Dragon - Male: Gold Dragon; Female: Diamond Dragon HOMM 5: Green Dragon - Male: Emerald Dragon; Female: Crystal Dragon These two ideas are fine but I think HOMM 3 is better! HOMM 3: Bone Dragon -> Ghost Dragon -> Vampire Dragon (new; old is Blood Dragon) -> Death Dragon (new; old is Dracolich) HOMM 5: Bone Dragon -> Spectral Dragon/Ghost Dragon I would forget this idea, though Spectral Dragon sounds interesting! HOMM 3: Red Dragon -> Black Dragon -> Drakness Dragon HOMM 5: Shadow Dragon - Male: Black Dragon; Female: Red Dragon HOMM 3: Azure Dragon/Crystal Dragon/Faerie Dragon/Rust Dragon HOMM 3: Goronych (is a combination of a Dragon and a Hydra). HOMM 5: Fire Dragon -> Magma Dragon/Lava Dragon I think we could forget this and try something new. Possible new Dragons: Dragon God (only one exists) Supreme Celestial Dragon (several exist) Celestial Dragon (plenty exist) Supreme Celestial Dragons help the Celestial Dragons; Celestial Dragons help all good-aligned Dragons. Fire Dragon (evil dragon no. 1), Infernal Dragon (supreme evil) Ferocious Dragon Terror Dragon What else?? I'm open for ideas!
  7. So, I think the dragons could have a father and a mother (simple thought), and with this, HOMM 5 (with expansions) can help. When a Dragon is a child, they don't have differences between male and female. But when a Dragon grows up, it will gain new abilities and upgrade to male and female Dragons. Example: We have a Shadow Dragon. It upgrades to Black Dragon and Red Dragon. Red Dragon is the female, and Black Dragon is the male. That's how Dragons would grow up and gain special abilities. These abilities are different for a female and a male. Male is usually stronger, and female weaker, but these things vary. Next, the complete list of Dragons from HOMM 3 and HOMM 5, and I'll try to figure out how to create a new family tree for all Dragons. Dragon God could be the "God" of all Dragons. Only one exists. It is without the doubt The Almighty. Then we get Supreme Celestial Dragons, that are like archangels of the Dragon God. Celestial Dragons are the normal "angels". Do you have a Dragon family tree somewhere here?
  8. Okay, I do a list here, so you can see which dragons are featured in the game and which ones were invented by me. Also, I try to build up a dragon family tree and suggest which dragons are related to each other, and so on. If you can provide me a list of the current dragons and their abilities, it would be great. I can't start the game yet because of maintenance problems.