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  1. I don't think I really collect much anymore, unless comics count? I used to collect model ships (I have several, some are quite big) but stopped because I ran out of space (I still have to resist buying any I see). I also collected Beanie Babies and several types of trading cards (MTG, Pokemon etc).
  2. tine5

    Cirque Du Freak

    Yes! Read them all as they were released (I feel old). Great series, you'll enjoy it as it develops, it only gets better in my opinion (when you go back and read it the first few books are the weakest!)
  3. The Sword of Destiny by Andrzej Sapkowski (also know as one of the Witcher books). Really good, enjoying it a lot! Good lore and not over the top action or anything, there's a good amount of character development and conversations. Also reading a comic - Fable vol 3 which is great, nice art and really interesting and witty story, which does still have depth.
  4. Well done! Yeah I never got the bad endings, but watched them online!
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    Z Project

    Sorry Lagie, someone pm'd me to hold it then went back on it! I'll put it back up shortly!
  6. tine5

    Team Ico

    I sucked at Ico and couldnt actually complete it (I was quite young when I played) but am enjoying my first play of SotC on PS2! Got to the electric water snake thing....
  7. tine5

    Z Project

    Z code Storm Rider! Storm rider egg Z code
  8. Yeah I found that too, ended up not getting the ending I wanted because of it!
  9. I actually worked with bees for 3 years, putting my bare arms into their enclosures, and they never stung me! I've only ever been bitten by a spider once...
  10. How're you finding it? I'm currently playing a few games: Oblivion, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Devil Survivor 2 and Corpse Party are the main ones at the moment!