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  1. Can you fix the site so I can grab one? The eggs aren't appearing in any of the habitats and it's really annoying.
  2. Have: -CB Thunder Hatchie (Stunned) -CB Pyro Xenowyrm -CB Pumpkin Want: -CB old Halloween releases (not Pumpkin or Shadow Walker) Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  3. Hey, two questions technically: 1. is there a way to change the progeny viewer back to the old settings, since this current one is really terrible and looks really awful imo? Is that a thing? And 2: how do I make my stats visible to others? How do I make my groups visible to others on my page?
  4. Happy Birthday to Me! Scroll: Enemom Forum name:Enemom Birthday: June 15th List: 1. 2nd Gen Silver (will take anything but silver is preferred) Tinsel 2. Chicken 3a. 4th Gen Tinsel 3b. 3rd Gen Gold with a clean lineage I can continue 4a. CB Yellow Crowned Hatchie 4b. CB Yellow-Crowned Hatchie
  5. Caught my first CB silver when I totally...wasn't expecting it... Like. Today I was disappointed I didn't get a prize dragon, but holy crap, i got some good luck later down the line. Still not sure how tho, because I hesitated when I read the egg description and was like "wait. wait"
  6. I should be writing something right now. I'm listening to TAZ instead.
  7. The Man The Myth The Legend (That's a TAZ reference) and I EAT MEMES. Also Pre-Alcoholism.
  8. How do I make text in my signature a different color than the default? I keep trying to use the color tag but it's not working
  9. They are, but they seem like rare eggs...
  10. To add more than one dragon breed to a group, you have to click "add dragons of same lineage" or manually add the dragons to the group by clicking on the actions button and proceeding from there.
  12. 8th egg slot, a tone of new realeases, and some actual new spriters. I'd like for those new releases to come from the CL too, cause seriously, some of those are from 2014. That's a terrible waste of those artist's time and the work put into their sprites.
  13. PB misfit Pygmy egg with a funny code and funny named parents. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Please continue the line of memeing names. No freezing also.
  14. Got the bottom, thank you! Will give it a good home and name
  15. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! I don't want this, and I can't trade it, so someone else should have it! it's a paper egg.
  16. 3G Silver from a cavern lurker! honestly I just feel lucky I caught a silver in the AP at all o0o thank you breeder!
  17. it has an inappropriate word
  18. 2G gaia xenowyrm that was a magma fail no freezing and I'd appreciate the gesture greatly if u named it Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  19. Caught two CB ices in the span of three days!! Ahh, I feel like I'm stealing them from everyone else kinda, but idc. they're mine.
  20. Hi! Pretty self explanatory, show off some of the most cluttered lineages ever. They can be "bad" lineages too (like heavily inbred ones) or just ones that are incredibly displeasing to look at aesthetically. Mine is ~Removed for the protection of the owner~ i found on Vally Sherwood. I'm...I'm not sure why this exists? Why there are so many dragons in here? This dragon is technically a Dorkface and Penk child, but it took a long way to get there...
  21. Well I mean, I feel bad cause the lineage looks so great. But hey, breeding at random is what I like to do first until I want to start getting serious about lineages. Which I'm not...too serious on, but maybe one day.
  22. This was an interesting little guy I found in the AP. it's so large and unbroken, I almost feel bad about using it for soulpeaces Could you technically call this dragon...white gold?