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  1. Thats more along the lines of what I was actually thinking, I just don't really have the knowledge of how the site and BBCodes work exactly in order to put it into words. Thanks for giving me a better idea of how it can be implemented. I'm going to quote your take on the idea in the original post, as to make sure people read it when they come in, I hope you don't mind.
  2. Your concerns match mine, but there is a lot I don't know about when it comes to the flexibility of BBCodes, figured I'd post it anyways to see what kind of feedback I could get in order to broaden my own understanding. I was thinking about this one for a little bit, and I realized that there is some value to the codes, so just changing them would most likely upset DC members, so what I was wondering (because I don't know if its possible) would be if its possible to temporarily add a character to a code. So it would go something like this. >My dragon is getting more veiws than usual, and I want to refresh his BBCode display link. >I hit the display button. >An extra character is added to my code, now making it look like this. (8Gtvv-A). >A few weeks later I refresh again, now it looks like this. (8Gtvv- Then if at a later point you wish to return your code to normal, you would have a second button thats says "Revert", that would allow you to change your code back to normal, but only after a certain amount of time, as to prevent spam. Now if things were done the above way, you would have to limit each dragon to having only 2 or so refreshes, and two reverts to match it, or the spam of it would be too much. Now I'm not sure how hard this system would be to implement, but I figured that a user changing a dragon's code would be similar to how on some websites a user can manually change their own username. So if it actually worked similar to that, then I don't see this as being impossible to implement. I'm not 100% sure about that, it could actually affect some fansites. One of the fansite hatcheries I'm using works off of imputing the code of your dragon. I'm not sure if changing the code would remove a dragon from the site, but its a possibility, though I do understand that most fansites just read the scroll, and not the code, so I'm not really sure how much it would affect them.
  3. I have both eggs now, can't wait to hatch them.
  4. Welp, I grabbed two of the one on the right, hopefully they end up looking cool, and gendering different.
  5. I'll take it off your hands, please and thank you.
  6. thats what I'm talking about, I can go add your scroll to as many hatcheries as I want, I just have to put in your scroll name, I don't need to validate that I'm you or anything, and you won't be able to remove yourself from those hatcheries, because you won't know all of the ones I put you on.
  7. Dragon BBCode Refresh So as a new user I've been using signatures and hatcheries on multiple websites, and overall I haven't had any problems I can't handle when it comes to sickness, but I couldn't help but notice that I can add most of my friend's scrolls on hatcheries without their input (Yes I know its against the rules, but that doesn't stop someone from doing it if they want to). So I started thinking that in situations where people are "helping" you without your permission, or you've left your dragons in a forum post/signature/hatchery that you can't remember, and you're trying to stop them from getting views, it would be helpful to have a way to instead of tracking down all the places they are, to instead have a way to void the old display BBCode for the dragon. Yes I realize that I can just hide my dragons, but thats only temporarily solves the problem, it's not a sure fire fix, as soon as your dragon gets better and you unhide them, those unwanted views will be right back. I figured this could be implemented by adding a Refresh button to the dragon BBCode page (this) that allows you to generate a new BBCode to display your dragon, and to prevent over use of the button include a cooldown or limited use of it. For example have a one week cooldown per dragon for the button, or have only 2 uses per dragon in one month. Any further input would be appreciated on how this idea can be improved, or why it can't be used. Corteo's Version of my idea.
  8. feralcraze143 seems like they could use some help, saw them fumbling around the forums posting in the wrong places. Sent them a PM with the link to this place, but maybe a mentor should send them a PM.
  9. Grabbed the two Undines, hopefully they gender different, would love to force them into a relationship regardless of their feelings for eachother.
  10. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I FINALLY GOT ONE OF YOUR GIFTS! TAKE THAT WORLD! EAT ! I mean.... thank you for the kind gift, I'll be sure to give it a good name and home... ty....
  11. I'd probably hoard shiny weapons and armor that I could find laying around, maybe fancy stones as well.
  12. Labyrinthian -> Kohta; Magi (mRlF6) (wTowY) Canceling my request for Reds. Going to move it to another thread, seeing as there are more active ones, thank you for the help I received here though.
  13. BSA Request! Kohta/Kohta Requesting: Red, Magi I currently have no BSA's, so if there is anything else that you have lying around that you would like to gift to me, then I don't mind the help. I'm currently full on eggs, so I was waiting to post here, but I saw some of the dragons up for grabs were hatchlings already, so I figured I would kindly ask if I could possibly have a hatchling sent to me, or I can wait until my current eggs hatch and get one of the eggs up for adoption. If I'm not allowed to request a hatchling then I'd like to withdraw my request upon notice of that. If I HAVE TO then I could possibly abandon one of my current eggs, but I would rather not if it can be helped.