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  1. I finally did it - all 6 with volcanic duo.


    The hardest to get was for me the Forest one which is the one I think the most attractive.


    I have not had sickness more than usual. I do check my eggs (and adults one never knows what they may be doing) every couple of hours. When they feeling off I fog for 24 hours.


    I do what my mentor Fuzzbucket does. She calls it dedication and I personally think it is stubbornness.

  2. biggrin.gif I really appreciate the news about everyone's eggs. It gives me courage of a sort.


    I'm in my 70s and I don't think my reflexes are up there with those who get all six eggs very rapidly. But I appreciate Dragon Cave so much. It is a new adventure for me.


    I check my 5 new eggs every few hours just to be sure nothing adverse is happening. I have 4 of the newly sought after eggs and 1 Golden Wyvern because during the early morning hours I could not click a prize egg fast enough. The Golden Wyvern almost appeared under my mouse.

  3. Happy Birthday DC from a brave newbie - I don't post much.


    I have done quite well filling empty slots. I think it is easier when it is night time for the majority of Dragon Cavers.


    Not that it has been easy. It was easier when the other eggs were dropping for me.


    I would like help finding settings to get on the monthly drawing of those special eggs. My long suffering mentor is probably resting (from mentoring me unsure.gif

  4. unsure.gif Is it possible laptops do not like this egg stealing. I have been doing this about 1 1/2 hr. A notice said something about enabled something. It says I have it. It is a new laptop and I don't think I'll be doing any more trying. I click the egg and it sits awhile and then I get the Sorry it has been taken. Then the screen goes blank. Does this sound right?


    post script: Finally I clicked on all three eggs in a row. The last egg clicked and I saw the code page. It's from the coast with stripes.



  5. I am new. This is my first Festival of Eggs. I know this is a silly question. Unfortunately my mentor is on vacation so I have no one to ask privately.


    I am doing quite well finding Festival Eggs because the eggs are appearing where they arenot usually.


    Does one keep the eggs? And I am sorry but my basket doesnot seem to change. Perhaps not enough eggs have been found to make the basket look different. And my basket doesn't have this year on it. I think it says 2010?


    Just a few puzzling questions I need to know the answer to. Inspite of not knowing answers this is quite alot.png of fun! huh.gif