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Always looking for: wordlike codes on any CB breedable creature (does not need to be perfect 5-letter-word, codes like wilTh or C0SYn are ok too).


But I am neither willing nor able to pay CB Silvers or Golds for them. Codes are much easier to catch than Metals ;)


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    Hunter, hoarder, gifter, not much of a breeder.

    Currently actively seeking:
    CB Monarch, Khusa, Script, Undine hatchies for hoarding.
    CB Gemshard and Firegem hatchies for scroll goals.

    Always looking for:
    wordlike codes on any CB breedable creature
    low gen common prizefails from two-breed-stairsteps, especially Gemshards, Fevers, Black Teas - as mates for the many lovely prizekin I managed to grab from the AP in the last weeks

    Code-want-list - Here are some examples for codes I would like (I need those as mates for my tons of unmated codes)

    eggs - for LaY24

    groom - for bR1dE

    dawn - for DUsKv
    liar/wrong - for adiNO
    rain - for xDROP

    Regular breeds:
    good/nice - for 2CYou
    cole - for Slaw0
    free/full - for ofFAT
    ordi - for 2NaRY
    homme - for FEMMe