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  1. The problem with having a paper directory is that anyone could find it and read it...
  2. Yeah, I just found out that my friend has this 12G Dorkface... Didn't name it Dorkface tho
  3. Harumph. "Raise 3 adult dragons" again?? BORING!
  4. Hellow! Just joined MagiStream; it seems interesting, and, um... Geez, I wish MagiStream had a "Get HTML/BB Code" page like on dragon cave, I find it really annoying to have to click Embed, highlight BB code, ctrl+c, switch tabs, ctrl+v, switch back tabs again, and repeat the whole process over and over again... Anyone know an easier or faster way to do this? :Þ EDIT: I now see the "Embed Multiple" tab... Yay!
  5. False...? I have not experienced any kind of love, I am a loner for life... :"( TPBM prefers HTML formatting to BB Code.
  6. Sooooo true! TPBM thinks puppies are cute.
  7. True... I̶ ̶a̶m̶ ̶a̶ ̶l̶o̶n̶e̶r̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶l̶i̶f̶e̶.̶.̶. TPBM likes to read.
  8. True... TPBM has seen a dolphin IRL. lol randomness ftw
  9. False TPBM has a dislike of animated emojis
  10. False. (May be getting them soon though) TPBM has no life.
  11. I, The_Cookie_Monster, agree that if it has a face, it has a name. Yay...? I used to name my dragons as soon as they hatched, but now I've made a resolution that I won't name them until they're adults, just in case I want to trade them or something...
  12. I just like to think that I exist in the DC world, but I am merely a humble servant, built to serve his mighty dragon masters whom he looks up to while admiring their shiny scales...