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  1. [ Knocks on imaginary door that says "Prism". "Hello? Anybody home?"]
  2. Phil flew back, spears and arrows sticking out of him. " Change of plans. I killed a couple, but there's way to many. Seriously, what the hell did you do? Just how many people did you kill!?!?Anyway, let's have a TEMPORARY alliance." He stuck out a paw( is that what dragon hands are called?) towards the soulpeace.
  3. Phil sniffed the air, and scowled. " Just letting you know, you might want to run, and leave the human behind as bait for the human army that's currently approaching. Ciao!" And with that, he flew off towards the army, to commit mass murder.[ Nerbins speaking. Thanks Monopoly! I had plans! Nah, I don't really care! ]
  4. "Oh? Where to?" He asked, slightly offended by the the look the wyvern had just given him.
  5. Meanwhile... A neglected dragon (Phil) is wandering the forest, because he heard that there was a camp of soldiers around here. He came upon the camp, only to find it in ruin, and all the soldiers were already dead. He knew it was a dragon, so he sniffed at the scene. The attacker, surprisingly, was a soulpeace. " Probably a hellfire hybrid." He thought. He followed the trail of the soulpeace, and found an entourage of people. The soulpeace, a golden wyvern, a canary, a poorly hidden balloon dragon, a slug, Name: George Age: 1 year Gender: Male Species: slug Personality: A newborn slug that is full of wisdom, because slugs know everything. You just don't know that cause you don't speak slug. Humans and dragons? Doesn't mind either. A part of war: ...............He's a friggin slug. Extra: Friends with Bob and Steven. And, most interestingly, a female human was with the group. Phil scowled. He decided to approach the group with intent to kill the human, and spare everyone else. Well, maybe not the bird, because he looked tasty. But first, he decided to spark up a friendly, non-murderous conversation."Greetings. Weathers fine, huh? By the way, what are doing in this part of the woods? With the..... human."
  6. For a millisecond, Bob looks like something you wrap around a babies neck. THE POWER OF TYPOS STRIKES AGAIN!
  7. (What? I've listened to that floating moron over there for so long, I've learned his language. Just because I'm a bird, doesn't mean I don't speak dragon. I'm bilingual,you know! Sheesh.) Steven then sulks for about ten minutes, offended. Bob looks around for a "floating moron", but doesn't find one. He scratches his head.
  8. Steven interrupts. (You're probably right. I think I'll go follow the thug in the armor and see where he goes and who he reports to. As soon as I get some useful info, I'll come back. But before I leave, I need to know where you're going. There's a dragon settlement not too far up north that was recently invaded by some soldiers from the currently roasted camp, I'm pretty sure. If you decide to go there, I'll fly over there and tell the leader that you're coming. Then I'll follow the goon.)
  9. Name: Phil( Real name is Timmy, but he says it's too cute.) Age: 112 Species: Neglected (Real species unknown) Personality: Harbors an extremely deep hatred for humans, and will do whatever it takes to drive them to extinction. He wears his eggshells as a hat, so others will not mistake him for your average neglected dragon. He is normally peaceful to other dragons, but if they are willing to defend humans, he will show them no mercy. Likes humans?: WHAT DO YOU THINK?!?!?! In case you don't know, he doesn't. War?: Surprisingly, no. He was rejected by the dragon army for his methods of human extermination being too gruesome. He's basically now a human-hating Batman that does his own thing, and serves no one. Extra: Is also searching for his long lost younger brother.
  10. I've been searching for 20 minutes looking in the egg guide in the wiki for an egg with faint markings. (If you couldn't tell, I'm a mere hatchling when it comes to Dragon Cave.) But still, thanks for the new releases!
  11. (HEY! WAIT FOR THE INVISIBLE BALLOON DRAGON THAT IS NOT HERE!) Steven sighs, and follows the others since he has nothing better to do.
  12. (My father was a balloon dragon!javascript:emoticon('') Oh wait, I'm still not here.) *whistles*
  13. Fairy. $$$$$$$$$$$ Bill
  14. So I'm now a sadist. Whoopee. Keep desipis, Abandon soulstone, Kill snow *sigh* Green dino, chicken, and leetle tree.
  15. The ENTIRE TIME during the battle at the camp, Bob was sleeping in the air. At the sound of explosions, he woke up. He reluctantly rolled over to look down, and saw the bloody, burned corpses of the soldiers that inhabited the camp. Bob scratched his head, then decided to hide in some tree leaves. Every survivor of the battle saw him, and pitied him by pretending not to notice. Steven, roosting in another tree, face-winged. George the slug was in a bush trying to sleep, but loud chirping was heard from Steven complaining to Bob about Bob's "hiding place". Bob pretended not to notice.
  16. Name: Steven Chirps Age: 6 Gender: Male Species: Canary. (I hope this is allowed....) Personality: Nice, but often gets fed up with his best friend Bob's shenanigans. Does he like humans?: Got mixed up with a superstitious human shaman, who was named Crobbo Gooshi. (I'm probably going to make him a character as well.) Other then that, he doesn't mind humans. War?: Occasionally a messenger for the dragons. Extra: Best friends with George the slug and the aforementioned Bob. Hates cages.
  17. Name: Bob Pufferton Age: 92 Gender: Male Species: Balloon Personality: Likes long floats around the beach, does not like moving though. Laziest dragon that anyone knows, yet curious of things. Smart, but can be air-headed (and air filled! *crickets* sorry....) . Does he like humans?: He'll answer in about five minutes. Or decades. Part of the war?: Agrees with Xels perspective of war. Extra: Best friends with a canary named Steven, and a slug named George. Also useless while fighting. Picture a puffy blowhog from Pikmin, just fights ten times worse. Also, I love RPs like this.