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  1. And also the massive army got smaller and smaller as Phil murdered them. Bob, as usual, was doing nothing helpful. Steven chirped very loudly in the soldiers ears, and Phil then finished them off with a fireball, which was always very close to Steven. Steven wondered if this was intentional. He thought it probably was.

  2. [Would this be okay, cuz I'm technically not controlling other characters.]


    Suddenly, Phil stopped fighting the soldiers and flew up to Xel, snatching Julia from Xels tail with his tail and flew to the soldiers, carrying Julia. (How about this?) he asked telepathically to all the soldiers. (I offer you the girl, and you leave us alone. Deal?) Luckily, Julia still had a weapon from her war days in her pocket she could reach to break free,since her arms weren't constricted by the tail tight enough. Or Xel could attack him, but with the risk of harming Julia. Or the soulpeace could do something. I don't know, go wild.

  3. Bob decides now is a good time to blow his cover, and floats up to where Xel is. "Surprise! I was here the whole time!" Xel rolls his eyes. Steven joins Bob, while Phil fights some soldiers. George is riding on Bobs back. How did he get there? (Ancient slug secret. If I told you, I'd have to shrink you and cover you with slime.)