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~LeeBit*******************************************"The sky is dark grey tonight,Rain poring over my eyes, hiding tears of empty criesLittle do they notice the tears streaming down my face,As I cry for the sake of broken minds,And the sky joins in,Crying for the stars to return home.."Poem made on: 10/20/16Continue poem on Wattpad

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    An igloo on Pluto. <Don't tell the scientists I live here... They'll put me in some weird test tube..>
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    I prefer He/Him pronouns :) Thank you

    I enjoy painting (acrylic and watercolor)
    Drawing <(people, animals)((I take drawing requests!))
    I'm a part of the school choir and I participate in a 4H Robotics Club
    I like videogames too much and yet I can never get enough of them.