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  1. Update Thread rules have been updated. Listers are now allowed to request genders for Pinks. You may now only be on a maximum of three lists at a time. Scroll totals have been updated.CrazyChess was removed from the Soulpeace list as per user request.
  2. We're Open! Welcome to the BSA Gifting Foundation! While this thread is new, the idea of gifting BSA dragons to those who need them most is relatively ancient. I was a lister who became a moderator and eventual project owner of the old BSA Gifters. To say the least, this is a project I support with all my heart and want to see succeed. But I can't do it alone! I am thus looking for two primary moderators and one secondary moderator to help me upstart and maintain the BSA Gifting Foundation. Primary moderators will be responsible for maintaining the thread, updating the spreadsheet, and answering PM's. You must also be familiar with Google spreadsheets or at least be willing to learn. Secondary moderators will be responsible for frequently checking the thread to make sure new posts follow the rules and protocol of the thread as well as tracking gifts in a spreadsheet. For both positions, I am seeking someone who is patient, kind, active, well-spoken, and organized. You must also be familiar with Google spreadsheets or at least be willing to learn. Finally, you must have a Silver trophy or higher and be familiar with using the forums and BB-code. If you're interested in joining the team, please send a PM to this account by this upcoming Sunday. If you don't have the time to dedicate towards moderating the thread, please consider being a donor. Alternatively, if you have mad art skillz, we could certainly use some signature banners. Thank you! Let the gifting begin.
  3. Mod Log 3/16: Created and opened thread. - Chanilove
  4. Vampire Bite - Breed Maximum: 2 Open Open Open Celestial Corporealize - Breed Maximum: 2 Open Open Open Open Open Green Earthquake - Breed Maximum: 7 Open Open Open Open Open Soulpeace Expunge - Breed Maximum: 2 Open Open Open Open Open Purple Fertility - Breed Maximum: 7 RainbowTheAlbinoServal | Rainbowlight - 0/7 Open Open Open Open Red Incubate - Breed Maximum: 7 Open Open Open Open Open Pink Influence - Breed Maximum: 7 Open Open Open Open Open Aeon Precognition - Breed Maximum: 2 Open Open Open Shallow Water Splash - Breed Maximum: 2 RainbowTheAlbinoServal | Rainbowlight - 1/2 Open Open Open Open Bolt Stun - Breed Maximum: 5 Open Open Open Open Open Ice Summon - Breed Maximum: 2 Open Open Magma Summon - Breed Maximum: 2 Open Open Thunder Summon - Breed Maximum: 2 Open Open Trio Summon - Breed Maximum: 2 This list is specifically for those without any Ice, Magma, or Thunder dragons who don't mind which they get first. You will be removed after you have received one. Open Open Open Magi Teleport - Breed Maximum: 7 Open Open Open Open Open
  5. This thread has been approved by purpledragonclaw. Welcome to the BSA Gifting Foundation, a project dedicated to providing dragons with breed-specific actions to those with few or none. Use the navigation links at the top of this post to find what you're looking for and feel free to PM the project account with any questions or comments. Rules General: All of Dragon Cave's general forum rules apply here. In particular, remember to be respectful and always use lineage links instead of view links for dragons. Do not post during a thread update or cleaning. A moderator will announce when these begin/end. Please do not use green or red to color your text; these are for moderator use. Do not use blue or orange; these are for forms. Do not use purple; this is for reporting changes. For Listers:Dragons gifted in this thread should never be killed, frozen, or leave your scroll. Trading, regifting, abandoning, neglecting, biting, or killing an egg given to you here is the quickest way to get blacklisted from the project. Your scroll must be public and your dragons' pages must be set to display your username; you can accomplish this in your scroll settings. You must not have any hidden adults on your scroll. This will prevent us from ascertaining how many BSA dragons you already possess. You can only be on a maximum of three lists at a time. You must have less than the thread maximum of a breed to qualify for its list. These numbers can be found in the second post. You are not allowed to make specific lineage requests, ever. Dragons are given here for their BSA's, not their ancestries! Donors are not obligated to hatch or influence dragons for you, though some might if you ask politely. The only dragons you may request a specific gender for are Pinks. You cannot refuse gifts. Additionally, failure to respond to a donor's PM within 4 days of it being sent will result in you being removed from all lists for assumed inactivity. You can reapply later if/when the list is open. Report gifts as soon as you receive them and request to be removed from a list once you have breached the thread's maximum for that breed. Please pick up your gifts as promptly as possible. The best way to do this is to keep an open slot at all times or to space out your eggs so that they hatch on different days. Don't forget to say thanks! For Donors:Use the format below for reporting gifts if your giftee has not already done so. Do not post teleport links in the thread, as we cannot control who receives them. You must have a Silver trophy or higher to be on the donors list, but you do not have to be on this list to donate dragons. It's just a place for the more proactive listers to find what they need without the wait. Donors who have not made a donation for a month or more may be removed from the list when we do our periodic cleanings, but you are free to reapply any time! This is absolutely not a requirement, but it would help us out if you would track your PM's and let us know when listers fail to read/respond within 4 days. Make A Request Replace the text in caps with the relevant information. [b][color=blue][size=7]BSA Request![/size][/color][/b] [url=SCROLL LINK]SCROLL NAME[/url]/[url=PM LINK]FORUM NAME[/URL] [b]Requesting:[/b] LIST Example: BSA Request! Chanilove/Chanilove Requesting: Red Report A Gift Or Change Again, change the caps. Use bolded purple font and make sure to include the dragon's code (where applicable). [color=purple][b]GIFTER -> GIFTEE; BREED (CODE)[/b][/color] [color=purple][b]I would like to be removed from the LIST NAME list.[/b][/color] Example: Paige201208 -> Chanilove; Red (1mRHF) I would like to be removed from the Red list. Become A Donor Fill out the following form: [color=orange][b][size=7]I want to donate![/size][/b][/color] [url=SCROLL LINK]DC USERNAME[/url]/[url=PM LINK]FORUM USERNAME[/url] [b]Lists:[/b] LISTS YOU WOULD LIKE TO DONATE TOWARDS [b]Notes:[/b] OPTIONAL Example: I want to donate! Chanilove/Chanilove Lists: All Notes: Please name them!