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  1. I was able to do it three times ...


    First time: Said Nothing & got eaten


    Second time: Said Nothing & got Balloon egg


    Third time: Said Nothing & got Balloon egg


    As far as I can tell there's nothing odd or wrong about the eggs. I haven't had a balloon in a very long time though, so I can't be positive everything is completely normal.


    I'm on a desktop computer and was hunting in the Volcano biome when the page originally appeared. I attepted to go back to the Volcano biome and the page appeared again, same thing happened the third time


  2. You keep refreshing AP page around two hours, you might see one. (Sorry, you can't catch CB at this time.)


    Why volcano is bit crowded in recent days?

    Because everyone likes it and nobody thinks it's too hot to handle.


    How do I trade dragons?