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  1. Absolutely terrible so far, and it's only the early morning. My snarky ol' greyhound killed one of the kittens that I got on Thursday. ;-;
  2. Please add me to the list Forum Name: Cobaltberri Scroll Link: my scroll PM Link: here Lineage/CB Preference: It doesn't really matter. All that matters is that it's a vampire.
  3. Just snatched 2 of each! Thankfully my scroll wasn't locked this time around ^-^ 11 is my lucky number, so yay sparkles!
  4. He promised her a new and better life out in Arizona. Next: A line of break dancing balloons!!
  5. my babs, when the other two hatch i'll grab more
  6. Some people who select Blame will get an upside-down Mint egg with Cave as the biome.
  7. *throws in an aCTUAL HATCHLING* there then, i offered :> EDIT: yey, thank you! i'll be sure this little guy grows up well!
  8. i wish i could enter again i SO want one of these eggs for myself!
  9. Good Thing: i did not get an egg Bad Thing: i did not get an egg
  10. Because everyone likes it and nobody thinks it's too hot to handle. How do I trade dragons?
  11. im new, but here it is Female Monarch Female Sapphire Two Diamondwings, one male and one female