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  1. The green wyvern remained on the edge of the forest, the leaves of the trees providing her camouflage she needed. She decided it would be best to spy on the army. She would remain very close to see the things they are doing but far enough they won't see her. She wouldn't have to worry about a human sniffing her out or hearingg her from a hundred feet away. Humans are practically deaf and their noses can barely pick up anything. She thought, Something could remove both of them and could still be able to function just as well. She wandered back over to the farthest tree and settled herself in. S
  2. She watched as the two burst into the air and flew away. She let out a sigh of relief, she had to admit she was worried for them a bit. It would be a shame if her sudden interests died just as she was taking the time to observe them. Her instinct is to attempt to follow them, she certainly would be able to keep up if she flew. But she couldn't allow herself to make a noisy exit. The dragon tamer amd golden wyvern was gone, but their pesky little army was still here, posing as a threat. She quietly crawled do to a low branch and hopped off the tree and quickly waddled away from the army. She wa
  3. The green wyvern's roost unfortunately did not last very long as once again today, her rest was interrupted by odd noises. She grumbled slightly as she blinked her eyes open to see what was going on. She was shoken as she spotted a bunch of humans below the tree she was in, surprised how they haven't seen her yet. She looked at their faces and weapons. They obviously wasn't friendly. She thought for a moment as to what they were doing here but then looked back at the lake, remembering the human and her wyvern. What did an army want with a dragon tamer? She was at a loss of what to do. She was
  4. It was hard to follow something above you when the sky is partially blocked by vegetation. Not even the dragon's firry body could be seen through the trees anymore. Thinking that they were gone, she hopped down on the ground. She spread her patterned wings and flew above the ground but below the tree tops, to help her travelling faster. Thanks to small size, she is able to great speeds and is able to manuever easily. However, knowing it wasn't wise to fly great speeds so close to the ground, she maintained a medium speed. She stopped when the trees stopped short of an open field. Once again, s
  5. The green wyvern eyes widen as she scanned the area, a portion of the sky was covered by sooty darkness. She sniffed at the sky and sneezed due to sniffing in too much. She smelt the faint stench of death, it's foul reek being able to extend far thanks to the assistance of the smouldering smoke. She couldn't allow herself to be too shocked, war is war after all. What is that term anyway, war? War is fight for survival, against two opposing sides. She thought, answering her own question. War is nothing new and it certainly isn't new to the two species of this current one. Human vs human. Dragon
  6. ((Alrighty thank you, I didn't want to seem rude at first considering this my first rp on here c: )) Sleeping peacefully in the tree tops was a green little wyvern whose size barely surpassed a tall human's height. She had no horns or claws on her wings to scare others off and no fire or spells to cast out to enemies. For anything that wasn't too aware of her breed, they would wonder how she has been able to stay alive without predators seeking her out. The answer was a hidden one. Not only that, like many others of her breed, she was exceptionally smart and though she is slow waddling on
  7. ((Would it be considered rude of us if Esko and I just hopped in? Sorry that I sound impatient I just really want to be in it as soon as possible))
  8. ((If the owner of the thread doesn't respond within a few days, may I jump on in?))
  9. Name: Lorikeeta Age: 350 Gender: Female Species: Bright Breasted Wyvern Personality: Torikeeta is not the strongest out of her Wyvern family, she is fully aware of this. What she lacks in strength, she excels in brains, her intelligence are almost as equal to a human's. She knows many plants that have medical properties that she is reserved telling others about,along any other secret she knows about, but will only do so if she trusts the being or if she is under great pressure. She isn't a brave dragon and will often choose to run away from a fight rather than engage. When she is under