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Leave an egg; take an egg

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she/her pronouns. almost always egglocked.

please don't freeze my dragons' offspring (or neglect, zombify, etc).

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    - CB Coppers
    - CB Spirit Wards
    - 2g/nicely lineaged Hollies
    - 2g Rosebuds
    - 2g Shadow Walkers
    - 2g Valentines
    - Chrono Xenowyrm from m Gold
    - Pink from f Silver mate for https://dragcave.net/lineage/SkaqR
    - Celestial from m pacified Aegis mate for https://dragcave.net/lineage/Xmgti
    - Sapphire from f Solstice mate for https://dragcave.net/lineage/83DVB?
    - Spriter's Alt lineages
    - Holiday kin

    Halloween 2gs wanted (note to self):
    • Black Marrow (f) from m Brute
    • Shadow Walker m from f Cassare
    • Shadow Walker f from m Coastal Waverunner
    • Grave f from m Green
    • Grave m from f Gold Lunar Herald
    • Grave f from Sapphire m
    • Desipis f from m Nocturne
    • Desipis m from f Spirit Ward
    • Caligene m from f Brute
    • Caligene m from f Turpentine
    • Witchlight m from f Blusang
    • Witchlight m from f Brute
    • Witchlight f from (any color) m Fire Gem
    • Witchlight m from f Lumina (either color)
    • Witchlight f from Red m
    • Witchlight f from Royal Blue m

    Winter 2gs wanted
    • Yulebuck m from f Brute
    • Mistletoe f from m Brute
    • (rosy) Solstice f from m Celestial
    • Wrapping-wing from f Mistletoe
    • Snow from f Ice
    • 2x Snow from f Moonstone
    • Aegis pacified from f Royal Blue
    • Snow from f Spirit Ward
    • Snow from f White

    Would really like a 3/4th gen prize from (Celia) or (1LOVE)

    I might be becoming a prize collector.

    I have a more detailed wishlist here https://forums.dragcave.net/topic/137455-the-complete-your-scroll-wish-list-thread/?page=6&tab=comments#comment-9521671 (updated more often).

    Please don't freeze my dragons' offspring!