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  1. I summoned my first GoN in the first try. And I summoned my second GoN in the first try
  2. I catched thanks! I will give a good name to this egg
  3. I want to make a new personal lineage project with royal blues. So i did some plans to see which pairings are good. But now i can't decide. Which one should i pick? Plans
  4. Lineage 4th gen shimmer fail lumina. Look at the first gen dragon
  5. My questions: 1- What does a CB trio egg worth ? 2- What does a CB Spessartine worth? 3- What does a CB Golden Wyvern worth? thanks.
  6. https://dragcave.net/lineage/xa9gK Very nice magi egg with 2011 holiday mate ^^ Thanks Ramani
  7. My Wishlist High Priority Any gen Reds Any gen Aeon Wyverns Medium Priority Any gen Magis Any gen Green Gemshard Any gen Lunar heralds Low Priority Vampires Classic wishes Neglecteds My scroll | Pm me Updated :May 15 Thanks to CrazyChess for reds and magis! Thanks cherie2017 for magi!