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  1. One of us, one of us, one of us I'm very glad you like it!
  2. Three! There's a chicken legg too!
  3. This is legit one of my favorites from this year, I love the design and animation, and you nailed the shading!
  4. I actually ended up not doing this because it turns out the design of 173 is one of the few things in the SCP wiki that's actually copyrighted, and I wasn't sure if this would infringe it. So I figured better safe than sorry.
  5. I may have a small obsession. But yeah, other designs I considered were Epsilon-11 and our glorious cap'n crunch AKA lord nut AKA SCP-173. Sorry I tried searching for the originals but turns out I only have screenshots of them WIPs I like your design too though! The reference is certainly much more visible and clearer than mine.
  6. Oh since we're doing this, I shall join in too! This is my egg: It's the top 1/3rd of the SCP Foundation logo. I didn't want to make the full logo because part of me felt that would be too obvious.
  7. Obvious Plant!! Never thought I would see Obvious Plant mentioned here. Love the stuff they make, always makes me laugh! And finally managed to find my own egg! 😀
  8. Wonderfully done! A great tribute to an amazing game.
  9. Bless whoever made the Transistor egg. I also wonder if anyone will understand my egg's reference.
  10. I won a bronze shimmer too! I didn't get to pick the code, but mine did end up with a code that reads like "My Prizey". Congratulations to all the others that won! I'm surprised the requirements for entering are still the same. Is it actually confirmed that they will change?
  11. I guess it's good for different communities of different ages. I remember around 2012 IRC was the main communication thing for Minecraft. All the big servers had networks of IRC channels and some of them even used it as their main form of staff communication, the surviving ones still do. Also if you go on any tech centered community you will find that IRC is still their main form of communication. But hey, to each their own. I will still take my freedom of choice and my customization.
  12. If you tell me I can either use this open chat protocol that has hundreds of clients, networks, channels and servers or this newer one that has pretty avatars and a back log and only 2 clients, I will gladly go for the open one. And, you can have all of those features I mentioned in your browser if you use the right browser client. All it takes is some googling. But I do understand why people would chose the avatars and battle.net tags.
  13. For sending the entire server chat into Discord? Because that's what we do with IRC + allowing people to use different commands depending on modes. Not people tabbing back and forth between in game and client.
  14. Freedom of choice because you have: Hundreds of clients out there, from graphical ones to browser based to even CLI Even inside each type of client you can get there are a LOT of them. Graphical Windows? Hexchat, mIRC, etc. CLI Linux? irssi, weechat, etc. Android? Andchat, AndroIRC, etc. TempleOS? Someone has probably done it. You can configure your clients to work the way you want them to and configure things like using whatever port you want, you can even pick which protocols are used for things such as logging in. Most clients are also graphically customizable, and you can change the colors for everything and window layout. If you're on Linux, you can even make them look completely different with a gtk or qt theme, which allows you to change icons, window backgrounds, window bars, buttons, fonts, etc for your entire system. Different networks for all sorts of communities and sizes and uses, some have even existed since the 90s. In each network you have channels for all sorts of topics, and you can even create your own by just joining it. Things that go from art feedback and crits to discussing minecraft mods. And on Discord? Browser or client. Oh you can also change that color. Plus IRC has some other neat things, like game channels, where you can communicate with people that are in a game server. I use this on my Minecraft server, when people can't be on, they can still participate in the chat from their browser or client of choice.
  15. 1. It's more "You can have all the extra features you want by getting a client or using the right web client". 2. Because customization, freedom of choice and open source are of huge importance to me, and Discord is extremely lacking when it comes to that compared to IRC 3. Okay 4. That honestly sounds like a nightmare. 5. Last time that I used it, I did get a ton of annoying messages asking me to make an account and to download the client. I'll take my freedom of choice. @irrelevantindigo There are a few browser based IRC clients, Mibbit is one of them, irccloud has their own web client too, it seems. Some networks even have their own specific browser clients, such as freenode and esper.
  16. Honestly, scrolling through this thread and all the problems I see people having with IRC are extremely easily solvable and just show how little people look things up before complaining about them. You CAN see offline messages from IRC if you use a bouncer or a client like irccloud. You CAN see messages after tabbing away if you also use a client like hexchat. You CAN have extremely mobile friendly IRC if you also use a client app like andchat or irccloud. There are active channels for art feedback, such as #arts, if you have no luck there, just google it. There are countless IRC networks out there and they're bound to have a pixel art or general art channel. If anything, IRC is infinitely more portable than Discord. I have used IRC on an old 3DS! Even on an old Wii!! And it worked just fine. I prefer IRC way more because of how easy it is to use, and because of how simple and open it is for everyone. You can just log in at any time and join the discussion, you can leave it open in the background for when something interesting happens, you can ping people if you need specific opinions or help, you can just simple /join a new channel to create your own. You can just join the discussion without any troubles: no need to make accounts, no need to register names, no need to be annoyed by constant pop ups asking you to register or download software, no need to even think of a name. And it's only really inactive in certain channels during certain times of the day. You can't really expect everyone to be awake at the same time as you are. You will find the same issue with Discord. I don't support this, I think it will only divide the community further and IRC is much more convenient and easy to get started. Not to mention the sheer amount of options you have for using it: hundreds of clients, bouncers, networks, cloaks, etc. Don't like the website you use? Try a client. Don't like your client? Try another. Stuck with terminal only linux? You have irssi. Stuck on an old Wii? You can use one of the browser clients. Still have a nokia phone from late 2000s? There's even clients for those.
  17. I fully agree with this, I think a report system would be better and easier to deal with than a review system. I support this idea!
  18. If the virus is real, that's a cryptolocker. It encrypts everything in your computer. Usually there is no way to decrypt it. This is another reason why it's good to do regular external backups and to not run shady programs. Actually a lot of major companies where I live just caught these, it's been all over national news.
  19. Oh, oops. I searched for description related suggestions before posting and didn't find anything, I think I missed it. Sorry about that. I really hope we get this, it would allow for new forum games and would make visiting others' scrolls a lot more fun!
  20. ALRIGHT. Which one of you is Chen Hong and what is the secret?! (I hope this is ok to post - it's not a DC screenshot but it's relevant)
  21. I enjoy reading descriptions from people's scrolls sometimes, so what I'm suggesting is really just what the title says, a little indicator on your own and others' scrolls showing which dragons are described. This way, when visiting someone else's scroll, you won't have to go look for the described dragons. This could be something simple like a little book icon near the dragon sprite, or shown in the same way as the frozen icon. It would also be useful for people who write descriptions, as it would help keep track of what dragons have been approved. This isn't top priority or anything, I just thought it would be a neat little feature.
  22. Like a lot of others, I would absolutely love to see new organization tools like tabs or tags. I'd also like to see prize raffles back (I never had a chance to even participate) and the empty trophy slot. I disagree with the whole heal/remove sickness thing, I don't want the game to get easier and there are other ways to prevent view bombing anyway (such as an in site hatchery with options to only allow your account to add your dragons to it, etc).
  23. I fully support this! Other adoptables sites have them and it makes everything SO much easier. I would love to have tabs for my good code collection and breeding projects. Although I can see why it's not a thing yet, it does require a lot of code and a database change.
  24. I know I'll probably get a lot or hate for this but I absolutely despise episode based games. It's like just having you pay for the game isn't enough, they HAVE to make you pay for every little bit of the story to try and milk as much money out of the players as possible. Not to mention that it's a way to mask an unfinished release. I also dislike subscription based games. It's an instant turn away for me. If I'm going to pay money for something I want to get the full experience. Not part of it, not a temporary experience, and definitely not to find another pay wall inside the game. The absolute best game that I've ever played was fully free and continues to be fully free and the devs are making 8 digit profits off of it only from purely cosmetic stuff. If people like your game they will support you, no need to stab your players' wallets when they're wide open.