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  1. False, but my mom does. TPBM has a pet cat
  2. Moonstone Moonstone or Lumina?
  3. Favorite types: Dark, Poison, Psychic, Ghost, Dragon Favorite Pokemon: Silvally, Type: Null, Absol, Porygon-Z, Pyukumuku, Lycanroc (midnight) Favorite shinies: Silvally, Pyukumuku, Giratina, Luxray, Krokorok, Lunala, Umbreon
  4. Bread because it tastes good. :^) No, actually I just really like carbs.
  5. Solgaleo and Lunala look dope af! Like, damn, dude! Hell yes I'm excited! These new games look SO GOOD!
  6. Texting my sister. My phone is on the other side of the room, and I don't feel like getting up.
  7. Boring. All I did was sit around and drink dangerous amounts of coffee.
  8. Pokémon Moon. Shiny hunting a Chikorita via Island Scan.