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  1. 1. I'm probably a nerd. How? I love science and outer space and unsolved mysteries and thunderstorms and and and....You get it. :B 2. It's impossible to turn my mind off. I'm always thinking. 3. I'm a picky eater and I hate it, honestly. 4. I LOVE CARTOONS! 5. I think cats are cool. 6. I have anxiety and OCD which basically means every second of my life is a struggle. :^) 7. I sometimes think I'm living in a dream. This makes me question reality a lot. 8. My favorite colors are red and black. i'm edgy 9. I draw. A lot. I want to get into writing, but I suck at it. 10. ...? I don't know what to put here....
  2. Monarch Monarch or Tetra?