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343s12v.png Competition.gifaa92rn.pngclocks.gifDragons I'm actively collecting are in my profile! I don't have much but any help is appreciated, thank you!

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    Actively Collecting CB Gemshards (all colors), CB Fire Gems (all colors), CB Sunstones, CB Moonstones, CB MALE Sunrise, CB FEMALE Sunset, CB FEMALE Gaia (will also take eggs with enough time to influence), and CB MALE Chronos(will also take eggs with enough time to influence) for separate lineage projects!

    I will also accept correctly influenced even gen Gaia or Chronos Dragons from MALE Chronos and FEMALE Gaia but only even gen, non inbred, and either influenced correctly or with enough tome to influence.

    I will ONLY accept CB or Even Gen checkered Male Sunrises and Female Sunsets, no eggs.

    My lineage projects:

    Male Sunstone x Female Moonstone
    Male Chronos x Female Gaia
    Male Sunrise x Female Sunset once I get the timing right on them.