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  1. Accepted!// (True....But it was chasing me randomly so...Payback!) She says laughing than looking at Steven awkwardly.
  2. (No, not at all, I was only because they attacked me! You've heard of the war right?)
  3. She sighs (Welp, thats out in the open, she was very...How do I say? Fierce....)
  4. Ballon, Classic, Both accepted! AND jump right in!// The dragon roars shooting straight down trying to scorch them or at least; scare them away
  5. Right when Magicalhearts sees the humans she flys straight up and looks down at the humans than she roars at them shooting her fire straight down...
  6. (Gtg to bed sry..) She roars loudly and continues to run at the humans still verryy angry...
  7. Magicalhearts runs after him hissing as she roars shooting fire straight at the man hissing and continues to chase after him.
  8. She lowers her head showing a sign of peace to Julia as she runs after the man very angered....And also growling loudly. (Gtg, Night)
  9. She yanks her tail away landing and jumps at him fast aiming at his legs as she roars loud. (Gtg soon)
  10. She roars loudly at him shooting fire and takes air looking down at him growling her blue eyes looking fierce.
  11. The Dragon gets up streaching her wings, Magicalhearts looks around before jumping down as one of her feathers fall from her wing...
  12. Okieee!// The Female Soulpeace dragon sits in a tree trying to sleep after being attacked by the humans.
  13. War is happening! How did it start? Dragons in the forest attacked people and many died because they where startled and this continued to happen many more times so people now in a war against dragons. Dragons have found out and are now moving, in hiding, or fighting back. A lot of things are happening so dragons freak out and many are preparing to fight back against the humans. It's gonna have some blood and some will die, will you? Rules 1. No killing unless the person/dragon lets you 2. No sex (Kissing allowed) 3. DO NOT Be over powered 4. Cussing NOT allowed 5. Ask me if you wanna be a hybrid 6. Must be more than just three little words 7. Please be nice outta rp 8. If you brake these rules a lot you will be banned! If you agree tell me what rule is your favorite Forums Dragons~ Name: Age: Gender: Species: Personality: Do you like humans?: Are you apart of the war?: Extra: Human~ Name: Gender: Age: Looks: Personality: Are you apart of the war?: Do you like dragons?: Extra: My Forum Name: Magicalhearts Age: 70 Years old (Still young) Gender: Female Species: Soulpeace dragon Personality: Magicalhearts or Magic for short is a kind dragon, she is peaceful most of the time and is not used to humans at all but will not attack unless she is attacked. Magic is intelligent and a good fighter and swimmer, you think she wouldn't be tricky but she is. Do you like humans?: Sort of. Are you apart of the war?: No. Extra: N/A