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  1. Trainer: Pokemon Breeder Pokemon: Tyranitar and Larvitar Direction: Going right. =D
  2. Ah, a KH thread. SWEET. I have been a fan of these games FOREVER, and could only play them if I went to a friend's house or something. Recently my dad found my old PS2 and I went to gamestop and picked up KH one and two. I am still on number one, because I don't play constantly. I just finished Agrabah. Anyway, any tips or tricks for the game? I would totally like some.
  3. Either way, it's kind of an art, lol.
  4. Shinx please! walking left to right as well.
  5. Yeah, it is a character from the game, I would have chosen gold, from HGSS
  6. Sorry to dredge up an old thread, but are you still not taking requests?
  7. Mistpaw thought about what Bluekit said and figured leaving camp would do the opposite of help, in fact, probably extend the time in which it took to become an actual apprentice. "Uh...I'm gonna have to sit this one out, BlueKit, you go ahead."
  8. Mistpaw replied to Bluekit "I...don't have one yet. I've kind of been waiting for Silkstar's bestowal of one upon me. Until then..." He pat what was left of the mouse around
  9. Mistpaw nodded his head at Bluekit. He usually didn't just click with other cats, it took time. "Um...hi Bluekit. Yeah...maybe we can, but it will be up to whoever gets assigned to us and if they allow it." He reserved any extensive conversation.
  10. Mistpaw decided he was hungry, considering he had just woken up. He trotted over to the fresh kill pile. He noticed another cat was also eating, with gusto at that. He tried to keep his distance from the other cat, and snagged a large mouse from the pile. He began to nibble at it.
  11. MistPaw had just awoken from a nap in his den within an oak tree in the ShadowClan camp. He groomed himself quickly before getting to his feet and leaving the den. He strutted around the way he usually does, looking for something to do or another clan member to converse with. After searching for some time, his efforts became futile. There was practically no one that he knew or really wanted to talk to. In this, he continued to wander aimlessly.
  12. Alright. The P thing is just because I'm kind of anal about certain things, and being proper is one of them, can I still type it that way?
  13. K, so anyway, is MistPaw going to be assigned a mentor, or what? How should I start?
  14. None other, just saw this one by super guy last night when I came back, and figured I'd join in. The first RP I ever joined was by SuperGuy, it was also a warriors RP, but in dragon form.
  15. Username: JakBenedict Name: Mistpaw Gender: Male Age: 1 (cat age I'm suspecting?) Clan: ShadowClan Position: Apprentice ( I heard they were needed?) Description: Mist paw is a jet black cat, suave and slinky cat. Some even consider him to be a panther the way he walks, moves, and acts. He has a white stripe going down his entire body from the top of his head all the way down his back, it stops at his tail. His back-left paw is is a feint grey, which is why his mother named him MistPaw Personality: MistPaw is loyal to his master of course (I'm guessing this will be assigned?), but has his own opinions and isn't afraid to let his master know. He serves no one but ShadowClan, and has taken a vow to it, even though he may sometimes be against their morals and reasoning. He is very fun loving and often times acts immature, even for his age, which is young as it is. He loves chasing insects around, not to kill or eat them, just for fun. Sleep is his favorite hobby. History: Unknown Other: None Password: StarClan?
  16. Black, Stone, Grey, and Spring...I just really started getting eggs now...lol