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  1. Grahhh, for some reason I don't want to pick this game up again. I lost to Ursula a few days ago when I literally had ONE hit left to do on her, then Sora like.. imploded into his own mouth.
  2. Huzzah! Also a tip, people like their stuff transparent so it doesn't look awkward in their sigs. Before posting them, upload them on aiza.com. It will make them transparent.
  3. B'aww. I get no name credit? *cries*
  4. Deal. Every time you make a sprite, I'll give it name, and you shall put in by their sprite on the first page. So it has been said, so it shall be done. 1. Laripras 2. Sealiados 3. (this is just a recolor) 4. Umbrikachu 5. Lugible 6. Blastonite 7. Leafurret 8. Vaporikarp 9. Zangorua 10. Dialkia 11. Magtivire 12. Flartres 13. ArcaoxysTwo 14. Arcaoxys 15. Diarceus These are the first 15 on the first page =D
  5. I shall name all of your sprites. That is my job, I proclaim myself "Sprite Namer"
  6. Kay. But really, that Diarceus... I would run from that... a lot.
  7. how about....right now! Username: JakBeneict Pokemons to use: Metagross, Yanmega, and Tyranitar Base pokemon: Metagross What do you want me to do with them?: Splicey Splice Versions of sprites: HeartGold
  8. I'll use the top one because the big fluffy tail is win. Thanks Digi! I make get some more later >_>...
  9. Use all of the same pokemon, but instead of mewtwo, mew.
  10. can I have the same splice again, but instead of mewtwo, just mew?
  11. Use the color of mewtwo, and defense deoxys please.
  12. Username:JakBenedict Pokemons to use: Arcanine, Mewtwo, and deoxys Base pokemon: Whichever. What do you want me to do with them?: Splice Versions of sprites: HeartGold Other:
  13. DC egg or custom?: Custom >>If DC--> what type?:N/A >>If custom--> please describe: A red egg (preferably the red in my avvie) with the nobody symbol* on the surface of the egg. Text?: (Yes or No) Yes. >>If Yes-->: JakBenedict curved around the top of the egg Thanks Maple! References *
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    You can look up the character if you want, Slashblade33 was the name it wasn't exactly the greatest character, but oh well.
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    Well like I said, my account got hacked anyway, sooo... lol
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    I used to play this few years back, and was a member. I wasn't that great, but anyway, I lost my password, and probably for the better. I was a straight A student, and my grades went to hell. I would get home and jump right on this game.
  18. I don't know if it has been mentioned, and it isn't a series, but I liked it, and for me to like a book is hard to come by The Year of Secret Assignments by Jaclyn Moriarty