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Looking for:3G Silver Shimmerscales3Gs from Spriter's AltsIf you have access to any dragons that could possibly produce one of the above and would be interested in working out a trade, please PM me. :)Extra information about trades, IOUs, etc. is on my profile!2iqz7zk.jpg

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    I've been playing since November of 2012, but only recently got an account on the forum.

    I absolutely adore Silver Shimmerscales and Spriter's Alts/descendants from Spriter's Alts, so if you have either you'd be willing to breed, please PM me so we can work something out! :)

    IOU friendly; shoot me a PM with what you're interested in and I'll see if I can get it/breed it for you. I generally hide the adults on my scroll, however.

    Interested mainly in cool lineages (namely checkers).

    Dragons I like:
    Blue Striped (from a cool lineage)
    Shadow Walker
    Silver Shimmerscale
    Silver Tinsel
    ...Just cool stuff in general, though. I don't really care about rarity.