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  1. 9 minutes ago, Dorchet said:

    So far not overly impressed or interested in the new dragon. Its stage two seems cluttered with the flowers and plants, but I have to wait until the adults are shown to really judge the dragon.

    I don't know if its got plants on it or if its just one flower on the head, but that's definitely an...interesting color combo. I have to agree about waiting to judge until it's grown though! Maybe it'll actually look good and I'm just jumping the gun.

  2. I'd say if they all fuse just breed your cb's until you get a set of non cb's. although who knows if you can choose what dragons to use?


    If they do bring a seventh dragon, i fell like it would be a summon or something temporary. im still positive is gonna be some kind of form change

  3. Aww my gosh, it's so cute! I'd love to use a bit bigger copy, please. smile.gif

    heres two, in case 2x isnt big enough d:0


    user posted image




    user posted image




    I can still make it bigger if need be!

  4. bloop:




    Edit: Updated guide to be clearer.

    I love the >YOU ARE LOST badge d:'D its adorable


    I dont think its just one bush. The game trail leads to an alternate dimension of infinite bushes, acorns, and squirrels.