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  1. Gift received To: KickThePeeJay From: Beastrider Lineage link: Lineage Lister wants to be removed? Yes/No: Yes
  2. Please add me to the list Forum Name: KickThePeeJay Scroll Link: Scroll PM Link: Here (probably works) Lineage/CB Preference: I'd like it to have as short a lineage as possible, preferably neat, and purely vampire.
  3. Not sure if this is anything at all, but when I examined the CRYSTALS that you have to take to get light in the cave, it said they were "mana crystals". I picked one up and remembered the "MANA LANTERNS" in the Cultist Room. I tried to take one, but it said it was "bolted to the wall" or "stuck to the wall". I thought that maybe I could combine the two (crystal and lantern) and possibly get something out of it, but I couldn't figure it out. (I got stuck in the spider tunnel it wouldn't let me "go back") Maybe you can combine them and get a new spell, or get something else from the ALTAR. Maybe it's nothing...
  4. I'm stuck at the cliff with the horse, and I can't do anything. I'm not sure how to continue, but I've tried everything I can think of...