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  1. Its been two years since this thread. Nostalgia anyone? This pic is my best work so far, but i do see some anatomy issues there. I can always come up with a fix on future drawings, of course!
  2. there are two leggs and mine's the yellowish one lol if anyone plays fr, they might recognize it as a light egg with legs.
  3. if i can be biased, my own legg, otherwise im leaning between the thonk egg, popee, that shiny purple egg, or the portal,,
  4. The eggs stopped appearing.. So I think i got them all!
  5. So this is my egg! It's based off of a meme on the flight rising tumblr, which I'm very active on. It's basically a joke on the light egg's nickname in the community, which is, you guessed it, legg.
  6. thank you! the reference is only for tumblr people, ha
  7. Hey, I made one of those leggs! It's the yellow one lol
  8. Did I just got a popee the performer egg?
  9. mine too! even if its a reference only tumblr people understands
  10. Hey! *struggles* I've been kinda tired lately.. The end of the school year is near, and also finals.
  11. Hewwo, hewwo! How have yall been? *Takes toast* Edit: :0 toppage
  12. I'm going to go to a woman's day celebration today! Anyways, hewwo yall~
  13. oh, I might attempt at spriting through this!
  14. Hmm, true that. Though the informations are outdated in mine.
  15. I have been spotted.. But heyo! I should revamp my signature, huh..
  16. But how do I get to meet Ion regularly?
  17. OImg, this event reminds me of hatoful boyfriend. I love it.
  18. Hewwo yall. I'm not feeling well. I think i'm alergic to oysters.. Or seafood even.
  19. "Ah, that's pretty cool! I'm not much of an adept fighter, though. Life was pretty peaceful back where I used to live." Bolz glanced around, taking sights of the school. The place's pretty impressively large.. at least he thinks so.
  20. That's meant to be a vent, lol. She's like my most fave rp character rn, and also probably one of the most drawn ones on my daily blog.
  21. And every single last bits of motivation i have has died out after drawing this.