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  1. oh I actually recognize these babies, wow!
  2. Oh my god a pensive cowboy egg!
  3. lmao i got eaten Already got 2 of them tho, so gl to everyone else!
  4. I'm rewatching 2009 furry amvs god help me Either way, hi! My first day went fine
  5. Morning! It is evening here My midterms is this week. I gotta prepare real soon..
  6. Oh youch, that doesn't sound pleasant! How did that happen though?
  7. I've been rping it since 2014! Dang... One day i'll get my hands on one of those
  8. Oh that's cool! I really wish I could read it... At least i can write my own stories and listen to fans ramble about it
  9. She IS a warriors oc! I'm building up a story with her and a bunch others
  10. Well! I've been doing a lot of designs, but i do have a comic i'm working on Here's a design i just finished
  11. how do i put a spoilter, first? its been so long i forgot
  12. Nice to meet you Trys! It's midterms next week, but i'm not too worried. I'll do fine. Would anyone like to uh, see my art?
  13. Hi! Thought I might share some updates, Still an artist! Now i'm nonbinary! No wonder I liked hollow knight so much. And yes, I am doing well! I'm in high school now, it's been decent
  14. this is late but IT'S MY NEWEST INTEREST AND YES Floofty is my most fave. Love them.
  15. I always just try EVERY SINGLE spell.
  16. Yeah, the pronouns made me quite happy as well! Good for them
  17. I mean, it doesn't seem to work... Its just giving me precognition or perception
  18. Precognition and perception is also the same elements, just different amounts!