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Willing to breed and catch much for a CB Gold. I never see metallics on the caves.Just because I have blonde hair and come from California doesn't mean I have a large bust and live at the beach.-KaerienAll Bloodscale dragons happily given a home. Gender and breeding do not matter.Have CB Falconiforms to trade? Will breed and catch for them.I accept IOUs102707.png

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    Wisconsin for now
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    IOUs owed to others

    Khram - 1 CB Silver/Gendered Neglected/3rd gen shimmerscale 0/1

    Holiday specific

    Toyo - Val '09 x Almandine Pyralspite (The magenta coloured one)

    Owed to me

    Second gen Bronze Eastern from alt Sweetling

    Not Quite IOU

    IOUs fulfilled

    bigbite100 - CB Tan Ridgewing egg
    IvyJaclyn - CB Purple Ridgewing hatchlings 4/4
    Lunaleigh - 10 CB Red hatchlings 10/10, 10 CB Pink hatchlings 10/10, 2 Second Gen Soulpeace hatchlings 2/2
    Sandface - 1 Bronze shimmerscale 1/1, 1 Silver shimmerscale 1/1
    Lantean_Pegasus - 1 Silver shimmerscale 1/1
    ferdelance - 2nd gen silver from male silver x royal blue female
    Allspice - 2 CB Red hatchlings 2/2, 2 CB Pink hatchlings 2/2, 2 PB 2nd gen Green Stripes 2/2
    Seirye - 2 Second gen marrow from marrow x royal crimson 2/2
    PixieStick912 - 2nd gen silver from female silver x male black
    Viar - Val '09 x Red
    Sylph264 - 12/12 BSA Pink hatchlings gender influenced male 8/8, gender influenced female 4/4 and 12/12 BSA Red hatchlings.