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  1. 2 hours ago, KrazyKarp said:

    But here's the thing. If Prizes were to be obtainable in some other way, I'd want it to be more work and less waiting. Putting them in the market is fine and all, but reaching the shard cap is easy enough that it'd be pretty much 1% effort and 99% waiting for months. And while, yes, that does sound more fun than facing the current odds of most likely never getting a CB Prize, having them in the market still doesn't make getting them fun and exciting.


    I don't actually know how I'd want to have CB Prizes be obtainable. I do know that I don't think the market is the way to go. If this were to happen, I can see the suggestion threads popping up now: "Third Way to Get CB Prizes!" "Market and Raffle Take Too Long: Another Way to get CB Prizes" etc. etc. I'd like to fix the problem, not temporarily patch it up.



    This better articulates what I was trying to say. I still think the market is a good solution. But variety in how it works would lessen the tedium.

  2. I appreciate what the market is for, but for me collecting shards makes this game feel that much more tedious. I've been here a long time, and this game admittedly has a pretty poor track record of holding my attention because I've felt like the imbalances sucked any kind of enjoyment I had in playing it. The market is a good solution, but not a perfect one. I think 100 shards a week is just too low, considering the prices we're looking at currently. If we're going to be adding things like prizes to it, then the imperfections need to be fixed. Maybe fluctuate the amount we can collect with the current values in the market instead of one flat rate every week. Two years for one egg is too long. I'm not saying they should be handed out easily, but I think prizes should be reasonably priced or progress in collecting shards should actually feel like progress and not just spinning my wheels.


    But I'm also really salty because I've been here for 10 years and my opinion reflects that, so take this as my disclaimer. 🤷‍♀️

  3. Looks like I’m in the minority as well. I don’t mind sprite updates. I dislike a lot of the current sprites and it keeps me from collecting the breed beyond one or two. So if a sprite update fixes or at least diminishes the problems i have then I’m all for it.