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    Z Project

    ZZ-code CB turpentine free to a good home: Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  2. Nimrodel

    Z Project

    CB z-code turpentine free to a good home, if anyone's interested Edit: Gone to live with random_dragon_collector!
  3. I picked up this one earlier: https://dragcave.net/lineage/KNowQ Know Q? Gives me James Bond vibes Not sure I'll keep it though, so if anyone finds it sufficiently amusing to want to adopt it, feel free to shoot me a message
  4. I've tried the !register thing three time now, but each time I visit the provided link and try to login to verify, I get a "login timed out" message. Guess it just doesn't want me there?
  5. Ugh, I thought there might be a release coming up, so I made sure my eggs would all be hatched by tomorrow, but of course that's not good enough now 😧 Got one pair of the vibrant eggs to start with at least, and got a few more eggs that can hatch once they just get enough views, so hopefully I can manage snatching up a pair of the other type then
  6. I keep meaning to move things and then destroy them instead, so no matter what the icons are a little "confirm to destroy" message would, for me at least, be much appreciated ><
  7. I'm so glad we can go back and play the game again now, thank you very much! This time I did explore the options I missed before, and got all the items, so now it won't bug me anymore
  8. Yes, please! I thought I did very well, I certainly tried to explore the options that were presented to me, but then I saw that I'd apparently missed a heap of stuff after all. I always try to collect all the things, so it frustrates me very much to know that this collection is incomplete, and to have no option of going back even though there's masses of time left in the event. I would very much appreciate the opportunity to find the rest of the things.
  9. Aw, here I thought I had collected everything, but now I see that there's plenty I haven't grabbed after all, and have no option of going back to get them. My inner collector is very saddened by this
  10. I really like how these hatchlings look so far, so now I'm definitely excited to see how they turn out as adults!
  11. I'd very much like a separate "have" box. As you say, dividing a set number of characters between haves and wants can be tricky. Besides, having these things in separate boxes would make it a lot neater too, easier to read through and identify what's what.
  12. I raised my wyrms, entered the raffle, and then released them. The raffle page still says that I've fulfilled the requirement and entered successfully, so it definitely seems that keeping them on the scroll after they have been successfully raised into adults is not necessary
  13. I have definitely been wanting something like this as well. I usually have enough of the BSAs I use frequently to not have to worry much about it even during the times when I'm extra active in my collecting, but there are times where I'd love to have a clearer view of when everything will be available again. Especially when I'm starting to suspect that a new release is approaching, and I want to make sure that I'm prepared for that. So this suggestion absolutely has my support.
  14. Phew! I'm very relieved that it wasn't intentional that the eggs vanished so quickly. Got my fill of them now
  15. Wow.. Just four hours in and I'm not seeing ANY of the new eggs. Either I'm just very unlucky, or this is a truly ridiculous drop window o_o
  16. Oh no, I completely missed out on this release! I even checked in here on Sunday, but didn't see the new topic 😧
  17. I would be thrilled if something put an end to viewbombing, I certainly don't appreciate the idea of my scroll possibly being targeted and having to keep an extra close eye on my critters, but I don't quite see an official DC hatchery in addition to the fansites as a solution to that. SO, viewbombing aside. I would still rather appreciate seeing an official hatchery, simply because I would consider it convenient to have everything I need to play the game right here, rather than having to rely on other sites, much as Stromboli said early on in this thread.
  18. Lots of lovely eggs, as always (nice work, artists!), but the little wolf is my absolute favourite
  19. I missed out on the upside down mints last year, so I'm happy to have gotten one now
  20. Phew, finally managed to collect all the flowers, with the help of the excellent dragons! Some of those interactions were heartbreaking though! I love you AND the flowers, dragon, I swear! D: Now to actually start sending cards!
  21. I absolutely support this suggestion, especially if it comes with some sort of filter as has been mentioned. I find it to be a bit of a hassle trading on the forum, messages can so quickly be buried and overlooked completely, and it just takes more time to look for relevant ones (even just using the built in browser search to look for mentions of specific dragons, because that can just as easily find mentions in signatures as in an actual message). And I agree with the "no communication" thing. For the "owner" of a trade to be able to attach a short message, sure (and then they could add their forum name if they wanted to be contacted), but I don't feel like automatically opening for discussions. Just have/want/optional short message and done would be excellent for me, no messaging back and forth scroll to scroll
  22. Oh no, I am so bummed to not get the end! When I went to bed, I thought it'd be unlocked over night and I'd get to read it today, but apparently not
  23. The hatchlings made me very curious about and hopeful for the adults, and the adults didn't disappoint! Very elegant, I like it