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  1. Is this a bug or? I had all my new eggs hidden except 1 I got a few hours ago the others were from the other day and they were sick so I hid them and now I see they are all dead despite having been hidden?? Is it some sort of bug that forces the hide off or? Or do the new ones just not allow it?
  2. This is my first time on Easter here in wondering what exactly the event entails? Is it just for fun? Or is there perhaps prizes in each egg or something?
  3. Awesome! Finally managed to get my very first christmas holiday egg ever for this game!
  4. Noooooooooooo! I was so busy trick or treating i didn't get one of these 😢
  5. Omg yes. Theres a treat which is one of the crystal dragons from spyro
  6. Oh wow. Thank you! I never knew that!
  7. Awesome! May I ask how often will the Halloween cave restock? Or how often do the caves in general restock?
  8. Well i finished that adventure completely to where it gives me no other option but returning to my scroll, Is it still possible to gather treats? Or only during the adventure? I have 5
  9. So this is my very first Halloween event and im kind of lost? I've been to the cave, all of it, to the tunnel, to the vines, to the moonberry tree, to the stream, to the cave. To the cabin, and then after all that I can't seem to figure out where else to go. There's no new options :0 are new options released over time or?
  10. Woah that's pretty funny, Also I never knew there was a thread dedicated to just that site I'll need to look for it
  11. I use this forum all the time, Its actually what let me know when I came on last night that the allure of neglected dragons site is down :0 not sure why however
  12. Oh dang I'm late to the party, hope I can catch some, I got one so far but the biomes are getting emptied xD
  13. Omg im so happy to be able to get a chance for the past events eggs!
  14. I wasnt here for last valentines as I didnt know about the game back then, im really hoping that the valentine's dragons for before are available as rosebud, sweetling, and arsani dragon breed are my favorites espicially rosebud, I dream to have one someday haha. I'd love seeing more pink and some more type of decoration maybe on the dragons?