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  1. I have gifted two already, one in this thread and one in another. I will still hold onto some eggs until the last minute, just like Imay
  2. 1/1 Adult. Now I have 1 female zombie from two years ago and 1 fresh male zombie. I am considering killing a few more and getting another adult pair...
  3. I think I can be removed from the first list and fully join the helper list I have lost power few times last night, but after a brief moments it came back. The street next to us have lost power, so I think I am really lucky in every way. Sandy is coming closer, but now it is no longer a hurricane, so I think I will be able to withstand a tropical storm.
  4. I might be affected by Hurricane Sandy! Forum Name: valencha Scroll link: http://dragcave.net/user/Valencha PM link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...ODE=4&MID=23046 I'm willing to gift eggs to storm victims! Forum name: valencha How many egg/hatchlings I'm willing to gift: up to 3, depending on how many I can catch I'm willing to keep the eggs until they are close to running out of time (Yes/No): Yes I'm willing to gift someone a 2nd egg/hatchling of the new Halloween dragon (Yes/No): Yes How convenient that I just happen to move to the Eastern US when the hurricane is coming? Right now I am getting heavy rain and wind, and I might lose my power. If I am not affected, I will gladly be part of the helping group, though I will have to fight with my luck first
  5. That is lovely. I see that you will never run short of influence BSA Completed Inbred Blunas And I have completed one Inbred Even Gen project for myself. My inbred blunas have reached their 13th generation (actually, only 12 generations are inbred as I have used different CB pairs to start with), and now all the dragons that show up in the lineage page are inbred. As at the moment, I do not plan to continue the lineage any further, but who knows... As for now, I might start dropping this terribly, but beautifully inbred 13th gens into the AP
  6. I am doing a bit of a mass biting this week, and so far, 19 failed and killed the egg, 6 were successful and stayed, 1 was successful, was repulsed, but I caught it from the AP (LOL), 3 were successful, was repulsed, and lost. And today was the day I had 3 repulse and 4 failure. I might have been able to catch the repulsed eggs if I was using my regular computer and internet, but I was on my grandpa's house, using a netbook...