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  1. OMG I am love the dialogue in the event! I picked the cooking class option for my first go through and literally the second day in the class the dialogue had me dying. It was quite literally something I could see myself doing too!
  2. It sounds like you have too many decorations for resources to appear much. If you keep a somewhat big "empty" area you should be okay. Rearranging or "deleting" those items that are easier to get resources for (like if you have a ton of snow walls) should help free up room. Also another thing is your resources could be "hiding" behind walls and weapons and such. One way to check is by going to attack a fort. Your walls will go vaguely transparent and you can see if there are resources hiding behind them. If there are you just exit the battle and return to building and move the item(s) that your resources are hiding behind. I do really suggest having a good amount of "clear" ground though. I do and I get A LOT of resources. I barely use any for repairs either.
  3. Also ... why is the reindeer a "weapon" if it doesn't do anything?
  4. ...trebuchets o.o....*rubs hands together and grins evilly* I love them...so far I have 2 I love how everyone is going on and on about "decorating" their fort. Um in the middle of a snowball fight in rl do you sit there and plant bushes and trees? Lol I'm legit spending EVERYTHING on making mine into an active war fort. I have the outer walls and a ton of weaponry. My 1 "decoration" is a tree in the corner lmao I love this...I can become a little snow General and attack the "enemy".
  5. ooo nice eggies! Thanks TJ and Spriters
  6. Missed the entire flood. Thankfully managed to grab 2 of the pygmies. Just have to wait for my other eggs to hatch to aim for the other one.
  7. Nope if you reread my intial reply to you (that you quoted) I said: " TJ caught it and all of the eggs of this breed that were caught are now Musty eggs (the dark ones from this release) as they were the only eggs that should have been dropping in alpine, the biome the glitched eggs were dropping in." (pertinent info is in red this time :P)
  8. It is supposedly a breed that wasn't ready to be released yet that somehow got glitched into the release. TJ caught it and all of the eggs of this breed that were caught are now Musty eggs (the dark ones from this release) as they were the only eggs that should have been dropping in alpine, the biome the glitched eggs were dropping in. No need to panic trying to catch one. They'll probably come out in a later release :3
  9. thats pretty much what I see except my eggs are all fogged and I have no hatchies lol.
  10. If you mean that my fogged eggs are the only "images" loading then yes? My adults are all just their codes and when I click on the adult to go to the page its a broken image. My badges also won't load.
  11. Thanks I think I'm safe lol. I never hunt new releases in Alpine unless that's their only biome due to EVERYONE camping that biome.
  12. So i'm confused. I understand that there was a glitch that dropped eggs that weren't supposed to be released yet and that they were swapped for the currently being released eggs from the biome that people got them from. I have 4 each of the glassy volcano eggs and every biome musty eggs. Am I right in thinking I was not affected by the glitch? Because I don't remember any eggs having "gusty" or "windy" in its description.
  13. wooo new eggies :D Grabbed 4 of the pretty blue ones and 2 of the GORGEOUS musky ones. Just need 2 more muskies to be completely happy. As per the common norm for releases now I have influenced and immediately hidden my eggs. So if any viewbombers try anything with me they'll get lost in the pea soup!
  14. @purplehaze My bad. After all everyone is talking about "Hide" ...if you go and check the action options on any egg or hatching you will see a "Hide" action...I dont see a "Fog" action which is merely user lexicon for the "Hide" action. I thought we may have been talking about the action using proper game terminology rather than user slang. Also I would prefer a fog all to a "Hide growing things". Viewbombings happen during a release. If someone knows your scroll name they are going to throw your stuff into the Hatchery guantlet regardless if you have your growing stuff hidden. Why? Because they will know you have hidden stuff because, if you're active during a release you're actively catching the new stuff, or you have a scroll stuffed full of stuff too good to abandon, both of which are prime viewbomber targets. A fog all ("hide all") option is the better option. Unless you make it so hidden things cannot receive views then nothing will change. People will still snag your stuff and chuck it in the hatcheries. I mean for all we know this person (or these persons,) have some sort of masterlist of scroll names that they just throw into the hatcheries during releases.
  15. Please I want a hide/fog all button! Its so annoying when EVERY SINGLE RELEASE you have to fog fog fog fog fog fog fog X24 things and then reverse that when you realize you forgot to influence or forgot to incubate or when its time to get them some views. Literally this past release I had to fog and unfog at least twice a day until the dang viewbombers got tired (of course when I could have USED their help hatching all the er eggs they seemed to have forgot I existed xD). Seriously so annoyed with all this crap I actually had to hide my username on my scroll and remove my scroll link from my signature here and I bet some of the bombers will STILL remember my scroll name! I want a 1 click and done option! Ideally I would love the option to pick and choose on a menu which pixels I wanted to hide. I mean lets say I had 24 growing items and half were close to hatching/growing up I would still be forced to individually click into the options on TWELVE pixels to either hide (in the current format) or unhide (if all we had was a "hide/fog all" button) ...on a smallish mobile phone that can take anywhere from 2 minutes to 5 depending on my internet speed at the time.
  16. In a game where all DIRECT (like actual chatting) user interaction is on seperate sites like the forum, irc, and discord servers? What good would a block do? Wanting a block on the OFF CHANCE that one of your enemies might want to trade with you sounds a bit petty imho. If its a 2 way they still have to give you fair deal for your pixels whether they recognize your scroll name or not (if not you wouldnt accept anyways). If its you wanting to ditch some derg on the departures you could always do a two way and ask for them to just offer up a random ap offer so you can screen and skip any enemies. As it is I have people I dislike on the irc and forums, people I have blocked on BOTH, however on DC they pretty much cant hurt me. Even if they did try viewbombing me there are PLENTY of safety measures to prevent them from killing my pixels.
  17. Thanks for that! I'd still like it if the bell would go away totally xD Its as annoying as having the notification numbers on my cellphone apps xD
  18. Okay maybe I am completely missing it...but is my bell outline supposed to stay visible even after I've viewed the trade offer in question? I got an offer on my trade and accepted it and the bell is STILL there even though I've checked it. Figured I'd check here first before making a bug forum post just in case its an intended feature. Also if it IS intended can we have a way to delete/hide notifications that are old so that the bell will vanish? I keep seeing it and thinking I got a notification but its still only the same "blah blah made and offer on your trade" ...its weirding me out
  19. My entire first batch has passed their NEWTs and graduated Hogwarts (aka grown to adult) enabling me to pounce some delicious er ap finds I love the er ap! Don't have names picked out for mine yet and not entirely sure I'm going with a Harry Potter name scheme or not. After all, one of my Razorcrests already has a neat code that could influence its name. AnENT ....An Ent lol ...or could even be termed "Ancient". The other Razorwing is literally something like MhYAt (caps probably wrong) ...I keep misreading it as "My Hat" xD
  20. Wingardium Leviosa Bum? (::: I am...too much a Harry Potter Nerd >.>
  21. I see what you did there (sadly I bet someone has already stolen all forms of Newt Scamander's name so...cant slap it on a Melismor...you know...his Hogwarts House <.<)
  22. Omword! I have a new hoard (can you make a group that contains 4 breeds? XD) These are simply divine! Though personally I love Melismors most because, yeah tis my house ;p. Melismor, Lacula, Leodon, Razorcrest are my order of preferrence (which is odd as slytherin is my least favorite house xD) So yes gives me all these guys to hoard!
  23. 10:14pm ...TJs guys seem to be around 4days 11 hours (at least the one I clicked on was.) Soooo like tomorrow afternoonish EST we should be seeing adults? I cannot wait! I wanna see if they get more hogwarts house mascot like xD
  24. Im starting to think the viewbombers have a list of names in a script that they just activate during releases. Why? I unhid my er eggs at around 1.1k views each...less than 30 minutes later in ONE hatchery (AOND) they were hatched and well over 2K views...plus the second lot of eggs I was grabbing and influencing started gaining views before i could hide them (not all of them...some i got influenced and hidden in time). So thinking "wow those views on my hatchies are kind of high?" I went and checked silvi's lair and sure enough my buddies were in it...when I never put them there. Heck I had 2 clouds of fog listed as being entered (eggs that they entered just before I fogged them I think?) Anyways its either that or i have a personal viewbomber who has made it their life's goal to tick me off? Though how fun can it be to stalk my scroll around release time on the off chance I unhide my stuff? Lol ...such a pity you viewbombers cant find joy unless you're being (insert your own choice name for viewbombers here) Anyways happy...my first set are all hatched (and safely hidden for now) and got a second lot that I've influenced and safely hidden as well so I'll have 2 pairs of each egg
  25. Lol I read " Fantastic" and....thought of Fantastic Beasts xD Thanks lol! Yaya though my babus are all almost hatchable so time for ERing