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  1. Chi glanced back at Nick, seeing him look around with a confused expression. It dawned a bit of confusion on her own face after a moment and she turned to look at the tunnels. Her wings folded and shifted against her back and her talons tapped lightly on the stone floor of the empty cave. "Well" she starts, shifting her gaze up and around at the cavern. "I thought you wanted to get away and have all of us stay together. It's not like we can stay in Windfall. Not really. While I do admire the mending between the humans and dragons the Aquarians are attempting, the wound between humans and Hybrids is simply something much... different" her wings twitch as she shifts her weight. "Dragons don't tend to care for us much either since we were a weapon created for human use. Damned wherever you go, y'know?" she smiles. "This is a potential home I suppose. These gentlemen are carving out some room for us and I'm handy at making accommodations for the interior if I do say so myself. What do humans call that? Tooting your own horn. Adorable, but a home is all" she turns to face Nick again.
  2. Chi looked back at the others for a moment and smiled before continuing down into the cave. Akuma trailed after her curiously, causing Fayt and Albel to follow next. Chi stopped in the center of the room in the cave. The cave was spacious, sporting a 15 foot ceiling and was about 20 feet in diameter in a circular fashion. She spread her arms and looked at the others, "They did a good job. I hear they're almost done, too" she chirped. The ground rumbled again and two tunnels came boring out of the sides of the cave on either side. On one side was a stone dragon and on the other was an earth dragon. They blinked at the group and moved around, tunneling into the cave side, making a new path as if the stone were butter. Akuma raised an eyebrow, "How'd you get them to help you?..." Chi smiled, "Oh I've helped them too. I'm a friend of nature like them and a bit of a local doctor. It's hard to come by wild white dragons, well... when the town nearby was catching them anyway. But that should be getting better now that Windfall is under new management"
  3. "Right then, on our way" Chi announced, spreading her wings and flying overhead of the group. "Follow me" she beckoned. She kept her speed slow so the others could keep up without much trouble of the summer heat in the afternoon. The mountains drew closer as they crossed back over the field and stopped at the base after a while. Chi flew up onto a higher up ledge, about 100 feet up. Akuma looked up as she seemed to perch there. He wondered how Ember and Nick were suppose to get up. As soon as the thought occurred, a smooth path crashed itself out of the face, winding up to the ledge. It thunked out in sections loudly and smaller pebbles and rocks tumbled out of the way. Fayt smiled and continued forward, leaving Akuma to merely shrug it off as he followed behind Albel. The path topped off at a flat area of a moderate sized ledge. A small stream ran down the side, but within reach. Against the mountain face sat the mouth of a cave with considerable commotion coming from within. "If you'd like to come in..." Chi grinned.
  4. Fayt half nodded at the suggestion, "There's always the exception to material but it seems like a good enough plan" he said thoughtfully. He glanced up, smiling at Nick as he asked where Chi was. The others merely rolled their eyes. "She lives in a tree house in the forest. I'll show you, this way" he started to walk. Akuma and Albel followed after. "Actually, this is a bit ironic you see... Chi is a uh... friend of nature type dragons around. I have a bit of an idea er... favor when we get to her place" he smiled still at the treeline of the field. ((Skipping along with permission)) The group came to a stop in the forest. They were closer to Windfall. Upon first glance it would look like any other part of the forest. Around a thick tree was a ladder woven from what resembled roots and vines mingling together. Akuma traced his eyes up the familiar path to a small tree house nestled high in the tree. "I'll be a minute" Fayt announced, scaling the ladder. A little while passes and he exits the house with Chi. She flutters down to the group as Fayt climbed down. She was holding a wicker basket with Mia snuggled asleep inside and surrounded by herbs. There was another small pack on her back. The others looked to the basket. "What is that?" Albel snorted upon seeing the baby. Chi huffed, "A dragon brought me this human baby since she was too small to care for her. Her parents were killed when Windfall went to shreds the first time. Her name is Mia" she chirped at the end. Akuma stared into the basket for a long moment. He'd never seen a human baby before. "It's tiny" he murmured mindlessly. Albel snorted and Chi chuckled. "Onward then, I have a friend meeting us there as per Fayt here's request"
  5. Akuma looked at Nick again. He's almost forgotten about that... detail. He looked back to the others, "He was tainted by by an Arcane wasteland. It mutated him like some radioactive rat. In a way he's like the human version of a hybrid. And uhh, human looking ambassador for town?" he shrugged. Fayt smiled painfully at the joke. Albel snorted, "Or a good scratching post" he smirked. Fayt sighed, "Well I suppose this might make Dion happy. Hybrids actually getting along. If Dion is tolerable as a human, then this one could be too. Could always use the helping hand of a mage anyway. You hunt with Rika just fine" he nudged Albel. "Whatever. I suppose the idea may be... humored" he grumbled. Akuma made a wary smile, looking around at them, "That was the hardest part I guess... Chi will go along with anything. Though this means we'll actually need a place to stay for all of us. Uh... maybe the mountains?" Fayt hummed quietly, "Or woods. Chi is experienced with forest ... housing... we can ask her" ((Username: OliviaOfGenovia Name: Rhino Age: twenty years Appearance: Variation of Imperial Fleshcrowne: smallish, mostly sunflower yellow except for a few darker yellow splotches on his body. Brown eyes and a little chubby. Personality: Kind/sweet to most people, unless you give him reason to be hostile. Protective. Displays emotions easily. Loyal. Powers: electricity. can shoot lightning (requires large charge, expends massive amounts of energy) or administer a minor shock (like when you touch a doorknob after walking across carpet in your socks. takes small amount of charge and energy) Opinion of humans: Most cannot be trusted. Except, of course, the bumbling human youngling he found (Ryan). Likes: flowers, food, his human Dislikes: most humans, being touched without permission Human: Username: OliviaOfGenovia Name: Ryan Wells Age: 18 Appearance: 5”3, longish red hair, freckles, blue eyes, a little chubby, almost always smiling. (Ron Weasley looking) Personality: Jokes in bad situations. Displays emotions easily but non-forthcoming about insecurities. Loyal. Falls for people hard and fast. Proud of his cooking abilities. Silly and a little dorky. Protective. Weapons: bow and arrow Opinion of Dragons: “They never deserved what those idiots in power did to them. But those of us who protested against their confinement don’t deserve their attacks. They’re good, though.” Likes: cooking, bad puns, his dragon Dislikes: heights, people who think they should rule dragons, failure))
  6. Albel looked over briefly, snorting out a small billow of fire from his nose. Akuma rubbed the side of his head, "What I mean is that should change. If we're all that's left like I said, we should be helping each other if we want to survive. Because apparently there's nutjobs like Atlas running around trying to kill us. You may fend her off easy enough sure, but some of us aren't so lucky. I mean, look at Chi. She's near helpless" he explained. Fayt raised a finger to his maw in thought. "The idea does have some merit of safety. Something of a clan for that matter" he murmurs. Albel scoffed, "Why should I concern myself about you weaklings?" Akuma shrugged, "Well you don't like humans or dragons and how they treat our kind. So why not make sure our specie sticks around instead of hiding in the shadows. Surely you like to flaunt your prowess instead of keeping it secret" he says in a light tone. Albel's eyes glinted with something of interest. He looked around at the others slowly as if contemplating how burdensome they would be. "Seeing as how we're in Northeast Rudvich, we are in an ideal place as is for survival of our kind. With the treaty enacted and all"
  7. Albel blinked once, silently sizing up Ember. Fayt cocked his head to the side, "Ah... don't think I even remember you..." he went quiet again in thought. Akuma looked at Albel more closely, "Why are you all wet?" he asked. It was ironic considering he was soaked himself but Albel didn't seem the type to go for a fun swim. He grunted in response, "Bird brain Atlas tried to come after us again. Turned tail and ran without putting a scratch on us" he made a bark of laughter. Akuma contemplated quietly, "Wait she just came in out of the blue?" "Actually it was because of when you dragged that dragon to us previously" "Oh.." he looked at the ground. Akuma's eyes flickered to Nick with something of a glimmer as an idea popped into his mind. "Think she'd try it again? ..." Fayt half nodded, ticking his head to the side, "Quite possibly. She does seem to have something against Hybrids despite the warnings she received" Fayt mused, staring at the clouds overhead. Akuma cleared his throat quietly, shielding it nonchalantly with his hand, "Maybe... we should... stick together then" their heads turned to him. Akuma looked away, feeling awkward, "I mean, we're not that social true, but. We're all that's left of our specie. Isn't it safer from humans and dragons to stay together?..."
  8. ((I can depending on what interaction is needed. Will post when I can. Little hectic lately))
  9. "Not... really" Akuma shifted his weight, "If you didn't hang around Dion, it's no surprise you don't know why there arent any around. Ah... other streamlines killed them. They were never perfected. We're a more delicate model" he frowns, looking at his humanoid self. Albel's eyes smoldered somewhere between challenging and amusement. Fayt emerged from the forest next, walking over to the group. "There you are. Where'd that crazy dragon go?" he asked. "Crazy dragon?..." "She ran off with her tail between her legs as expected. Classic 'ohIhavetogo' " he chuckled darkly. Fayt looked over at Ember. He looked taken back before making an involuntary audible sniff. "Another Hybrid? I wasn't sure there were any..." he looked at Akuma and Nick curiously as if they'd just produced her out of thin air. Akuma shrugs, "Apparently Ember here has been around for a wild. An escapee" he explained.
  10. ((I said in most cases. Which is 90% the case. Regardless it is the case here. That's how it will be in the RP to avoid it becoming OP. You can make it however you want in your story, but limitations on magic power are going to apply here despite any belly aching.))
  11. ((Red, it's a general rule and is common sense. When teleporting- looking even at games/movies they're always touching each other when they bring companions. Not to mention it's usually a straining task to do. Teleportation is like a self made jumper that only affects the caster. If they want it to in turn bring someone else, they must hold onto them for the duration. Teleportations teleport everything the caster typically touches- thus why people don't leave their cloths behind. There is not enough room to list out rules pertaining to every spell known to man. Most of the time people are able to mediate their power on their own. If something seems unbalanced, something will be said.))
  12. ((Maybe not entirely but she does have to touch him to be able to teleport him. It's the golden rule in any teleportation magics you see. Frankly you dont have to make the hit land, but yeah, she does have to touch people to teleport them. Otherwise that would be quite overpowered.))
  13. ((The fire wasnt for her. It was force to slow his fall)) Albel moved along the forest, muttering to himself every so often. He hadn't sustained injury from the last encounter, but it was still annoying being dragged a couple miles off course. As neared his original location, he came to the river crossing. In the distance he saw Nick and Akuma talking to... he came to a stop. Who was that? He sniffed the air in a more concentrated way as he caught her scent. Fayt asked him where he was telepathically and he muttered an annoyed response to his location. The Hybrid trudged over to the trio, looking at them sternly, particularly Ember. "You. Where did you come from?" he demanded. Akuma jittered at his presence but looked at Ember as well, curious as to why neither of them had seen her yet. They'd been running around this region for years after all. "Dion never said anything about another Hybrid escaping"
  14. ((Yeh he's gone through this before. Funny enough she just placed him conveniently over a body of water)) Albel stabbed at Atlas as she wrapped herself around him. If she was going to bring herself close, he was going to have her feel it. She teleported them away before quickly flying away from him. He snorted, "Cant even finish the fight. What a pity" he noted as she teleported away again. He looked at the approaching ground and switched to fire breath, breathing it strongly. It slowed his fall. He angled himself to the water of the ocean next to the lab and threw his katana hard. It broke the surface tension of the water, letting him splash relatively unharmed into the depths. He grabbed his katana from the water and swam to the surface. He trudged onto the beach and snorted, "As I suspected, all talk and no bite. What a pity" he grunted, making his way back towards Fayt's location, sheathing his katana. "Let me know when you can actually challenge me you brainless bird. That was pathetic" he scolded Atlas over a telepathic link.
  15. Albel didnt blink as he was teleported. He'd half expected it from Atlas, it was all she could do with her powers not able to phase him anyway. He drew his blade and used his breath to heat it to a searing degree. He saw her disappear and twirled around, swinging his blade out in an arc behind him. His eyes watched her reaction carefully. It was far from the first time a dragon had tried carrying him off, he almost found it boring anymore. It seemed to be the first thought that came into winged dragon's minds. He adjusted his posture, aiming for the ground where Fayt was. With sloppy teleporting, he knew Atlas wouldn't be able to hit him easily in the air. By the time she re appeared he would be much closer to the ground already since they were falling. "Typical typical. Is no one creative these days?" he asked casually as he fell. Fayt watched from the ground with a sigh. How many dragons like this had they killed? He lost count. They all blurred together after a while. They rarely seemed to even think before engaging them.
  16. ((Welp while we're here discussing the fight, I'm going to poke at something else. Light magic is a very specific niche for effectiveness. Light in any physical sense creates heat when it interacts with molecules- an effect of electromagnetic radiation. That being said, light is particularly effective against dark magic. But on a standard facing a "vanilla" foe, light magic would act as a burning magic. I bring this up because Albel is immune to high heat as he is part magma dragon (thus why he breaths magma). But yeah, he wouldn't really be hurt by Atlas's fire or light magic in themselves)) Akuma scowled at Ember's words. "I'm not selling anyone out. He's hardly human and that's a fact no matter how you look at it. We look human too but you know we're not." He rolls his eyes when Ember went on to brag about how streamlines weren't that great. "Right, I assume you've never actually tried. Our smell for one, is so uncommon you would be especially noticed when/if you approach. Secondly, yes, we are in fact weaker. Maybe not by human standards, but yes, by draconic standards" he explains. Albel continued his own assault with his magma towards her mouth as she still tried to use her own breath. Fayt helped him create more obsidian with his own ice breath. The light beam fractured the obsidian, causing the edges creeping towards Atlas's mouth to become jagged and sharp.
  17. ((Whoooooooooa hold up. If Atlas was wearing armor it would have shattered by now. Even metals as flexible as steel would become brittle after being hit with magma and then freezing ice constantly))
  18. ((My acknowledgement was him reacting to it))
  19. ((That was actually stone daggers that hit Atlas. Obsidian to be exact. Albel's magma rapidly cooled by Fayt's ice breath created it)) Albel snarled as he felt himself be pinned down. Being up close to him only made things easier as far as he was concerned. Not to mention she was using a lot of energy on magic. He dug his claws into her foot and lifted it off enough to move a bit, being much stronger than he appeared. Albel saw her about to breath her breath and shot magma up into her gullet in a steady stream. Fayt took the opportunity of her distraction to move up where Albel was- not being far. He added his ice breath to Albel's again, hardening the magma to obsidian. "Dont think you're going to get it so easy trying to focus us one at a time"
  20. Akuma looked back to Nick for a moment, his pupils thinning out to slits briefly in the flicker of sunlight. His expression was calculating before he looked back to Ember. "I'm Akuma, I've been in in the Northeast for a my whole life. I've seen the other Hybrids around, but never you..." he pauses again, "This is not... exactly a human. Some mutation of one, an immortal if you would. More pleasant than humans or dragons. With the elitist streamlines, what do you expect? Albel doesnt respect anyone that cant fight him and I'm not dumb enough to fight a streamline. We're called duds for a reason" he explained. Akuma grimaced at a thought and shrugged, "Free food and shelter. What do I care?" he added. Akuma was cautious about calling Nick a 'friend' in front of this other Hybrid. She did seem... unstable. Fayt and Albel skidded to a halt as Atlas dawned her 'light armor'. A few hairs singed on Fayt's tail but both managed to pull away. The brothers looked at each other briefly and Albel sprayed spurts of magma at Atlas's side. Fayt shot his ice breath onto the spurts, turn them into a spray of rock daggers. "You may have some high esteem for hunting invalid hybrids like that kid- but all misplaced" Albel chuckled. "Those were invalids. Duds. Failures. Need I remind you they were failures because they could not perform in combat" he scolded smugly. "You are foolish if you think you can take both of us on by yourself. And a fool you shall perish. Or tuck your tail between your legs and flee like the maggot you are- whichever comes first."
  21. ((That's not how magic works in this world, Garin. Magic is simply drawn from the world itself anywhere at any time. Nature based really. Magic exists as an element to this world's existence. Like the Life Stream in Final Fantasy. Certain breeds can have seasonal magic. Just make sure you keep to two at any time. You cannot switch out elements while in any sort of battle scenario. You are locked before hand in to keep it fair Will post soonish))
  22. ((If you want to switch them out that's fine but yes, at any given fixed point of events or battle, sick to two elements))
  23. ((We started using it in the last RP actually. Funny enough you suggested it. You were aloud to do that with Atlas because she had a seasonal tie to her powers. She only had two at any given time (as far as I noticed). But she was unable to switch out.))
  24. ((Ermm... we're suppose to stick to two elements, Red X3 you got light and fire so far))
  25. Akuma opened one eye, "Could nab a deer" he murmured, stretching. He heard someone speak and opened both his eyes. His first thought was Kai from the teasing. He sniffed and looked around, seeing Ember approaching. Her scent was familiar- or at least the Hybrid aspect of it. He looked her up and down. "You have some weird fetishes... who are you? I've never seen you before. I thought the rest of us were dead" he asked accusingly. ((eh nothin much for here >.>)) Albel and Fayt stood on opposite sides after the initial split of the attack. They rushed forward at Atlas. Fayt breathed his ice breath and Albel his fire breath as they drew closer. Once they drew closer, Fayt went for Atlas's wings while Albel tried for her underside.