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  1. "In practice: I'm not so good at words of power even in the best of situations." The Son of Sobek, Rick Riordan- Carter Kane
  2. "We're being mobbed!" shrieked Twilight. Guardians of Ga'Hoole, Book 2: The Journey
  3. The black dragon looked at these determined little dragons and found herself smiling. It fell though when the dragon they called Arc pointed out a fortress. She sighed lightly. "You silly boy, that fortress isn't of Balendin. He would never let himself come so close to where he could easily be overwhelmed," she stated. "He's in his base way out east, in the desert where it all began." Mike squeaked in alarm at that news. The desert? That was so far away! And danger would be everywhere! And what about the egg? He knew they couldn't leave it. It was too important and he had a feeling if they left it with anyone else, something would happen. "What do we do now?"
  4. ((I can't post until other people have responded. @BlueLatios, what's your dragon's reaction to what the dragons have said about an army and training and stuff?))
  5. A cheese dragon appropriately named: Toasty Cheez-It
  6. The black dragon watched them discuss before she stepped in. "Training will be crucial, but you do realize we still have an army? It's just really small. We are a scouting party. Right, Aaron?" She looked to her albino partner. "We will take you to our base and make a plan there." Mike nodded in response. "Sounds like a plan to me!"
  7. New eggs for my birthday month. Happy Birthday me! Maybe I'll have more luck finding them than I did with June.
  8. The two dragons glanced at each other, a look of worry in their eyes. They turned to the young dragons. "You must come with us. It is not as safe here as it used to be," the black dragon prompted. "But, unfortunately, Reina has been captured by Balendin. It is taking all our strength and energy to hold him off!" Mike squeaked in fear and the egg gave a violent shudder. "W-we'll figure something out. The egg will be safer among more friends than just a bunch of young dragons anyways."
  9. @Coheart@BlueLatios@MrBreadBread@Tentacles Has this week been busy or what? Haha, but it still seemed to go by fast. Just booping to make sure you don't forget!
  10. What A Big Baby was pretty relatable and so it made me laugh a lot.
  11. I have to say that Toilet Paper Apocalypse was my favorite.
  12. Mike bounced after the black dragon and the albino dragon as they landed and walked cautiously forward to gaze at the blue orb in the makeshift basket nest. As the two drew nearer, they sensed the raw power it seemed to give off. "Who's egg is this?" the albino asked with a tilt of his head. Mike took the liberty of snaking through their legs and then jumping into the basket alongside the egg. "This is Lavada's egg! Don't believe me? Touch it! Don't worry, it's not shaking or giving off negative energy, so you are not a threat." The black dragon and albino exchanged looks before the black dragon reached out and touched the egg. She immediately pulled back. "How?"
  13. The Aether seemed unconvinced until the black dragon basically shoved him aside. "Algustus, do not be so unkind. Look, these dragons are young. They have traveled many miles, I can tell," she said. She turned to Arc and Tempus. "I will inspect this egg they speak of and assure you that they mean no harm." Algustus, the Aether, agreed and nodded for her to go on, but to take the albino with her. Mike saw the black dragon shove one of the dragons aside. There seemed to be a discussion going on. He bounced even more, anxious to see how things would turn out.
  14. As Tempus and Arc flew closer to where the patrol was soaring, the patrol suddenly changed direction and formation, flying towards the two of them rather rapidly. Before those two could possibly react, an Aether wyvern was flying right before them, and they were surrounded by an Albino, a black dragon, and a diamondwing. "Who are you and what is your business here?" the Aether demanded. Mike watched from the mouth of the cave anxiously, hoping he was right and those were good dragons. He bounced up and down, straining his ears, hoping he might hear something.
  15. @MrBreadBread, no! You guys don't know that Reina has been captured! Even in the plot it says so!)) Mikey licked his chops, working on getting the juice off his face. "That could be useful, but I'm pretty sure I've heard that the good dragons have held their own within the volcanic lands. That's why I think we'll find them there. In fact..." Mikey peered out of the cave and towards the dead cave. "I believe I see a patrol!" He turned to Claudia. "And I think they're good guys, so don't worry!"
  16. Mikey was awake and had somehow worked up a ravenous appetite in that short span of time. He attacked the deer Arc had brought earlier, then jerked his head straight up at the mention of berries. He rushed the pile of berries and scooped up a good mouthful in his little maw. He chewed and made cute, contented sounds. His face now had berry juice stains. He swallowed and declared maybe a bit too loudly, "We're almost there! The end of our quest is almost upon us!"